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Fri, 10, 21

I am so happy ‘The Green Room’ is back. I really miss reading entertainment related stories in Us....



Hi Ed,

I am so happy ‘The Green Room’ is back. I really miss reading entertainment related stories in Us.

These days, Squid Game is very popular. The show is weird and horrifying but young people are watching it. Even teenagers are watching it! Ed, please review the show or publish something related to the theme or idea of the TV show or interview some kids to see what they think about the show.

Also, I really enjoy Amna Ameer’s poetic articles. She should also write poems!

Fatima Nasir, Karachi

It seems you have missed Amna’s poems in ‘The Poets’ Corner’; she writes beautiful poetry, Fatima!

Hey Eddy,

‘My Teenage Years’ was a very interesting section. I have a request for Us: please run Sehar Khan’s interview in the magazine. She is young and talented, and people really love watching her on TV. It would be nice to hear about her teenage life and career.

Shazia Ahmed

Hello Ed,

Good job, Iqra! I read your stories regularly. You are a great writer. Eid Engagement stories inspires me to write something. Fiction is one of the most powerful forms of writing.

Ed, you can talk to Iqra and ask her about her thought process; how she comes up with dialogues and how she structures her plot, etc. Also keep publishing more fiction in Us.

Tania Syed, Lahore

Great idea, Tania, we will definitely ask Iqra!

Hello Editor,

I read ‘In conversation with Haseeb Manzoor’ by Asif Khan (September 10 issue) by Asif Khan. He is a very promising young artist and I am glad he is doing so well. But, Ed, I feel our government is not doing enough to unearth talented young people. There are many people I know who can probably do as well as Haseeb, if not better, but lack opportunities to make their talent known. I think our sports scene is the same; talented players are left out and those with connections are promoted and the result is in front of everyone. I request educational institutions to arrange scholarships for talented students; they can approach philanthropists and ask them to support our talented young people. They owe it to their students!

Ahmed Saeed, Karachi



Narrated Amra bint ‘Abdur-Rahman (R.A):

That ‘Aisha (R.A) the wife of the Prophet (S.A.W) told her uncle that once, while the Prophet was in her house, she heard a man asking Hafsa’s (R.A) permission to enter her house. ‘Aisha said, “I said, ‘O Allah’s Apostle! I think the man is Hafsa’s foster uncle.’ “ ‘Aisha added, “O Allah’s Apostle! There is a man asking the permission to enter your house.” Allah’s Apostle replied, “I think the man is Hafsa’s foster uncle.” ‘Aisha said, “If so-and-so were living (i.e. her foster uncle) would he be allowed to visit me?” Allah’s Apostle said, “Yes, he would, as the foster relations are treated like blood relations (in marital affairs).”

Sahih Bukhari,Volume 3, Book 48, Number 814


Lubna Khalid


Shermeen Zuberi

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