Queens of the world Part II

By Khizra Akhlaq
Fri, 03, 20

From 1861 to 1901 more than half of the world was ruled by two women! One was Queen Victoria, of course. Who was the other one?


1- Whose father said his daughter was equal to 20 of his sons in ability?

A- Razia Sultana, Queen of Delhi (1236–1240)

B- Ranavalona II, Queen of Madagascar (1868–1883)

C- Ma Xiuying, Empress of China (1332 – 1382)

D- Hatshepsut, Queen Regent of Egypt (1481 - 1472)

2- Rani of Jhansi got her new name Lakshmi in honour of a goddess. What was her real name?

A- Moolpati

B- Bhagirathi

C- Sarojini

D- Manikarnika

3- From 1861 to 1901 more than half of the world was ruled by two women! One was Queen Victoria, of course. Who was the other one?

A- Empress Cixi

B- Isabella II

C- Maharani Jind Kaur

D- Queen Sinjeong

4- Makobo Modjadji VI (2005-2007) was the last queen of Modjadji dynasty in Africa. The people of Limpopo greatly revered her ability …

A- to cast out evil spirits

B- to turn metal into gold

C- to make rain

D- to win battles

5- I am remembered as one of the most powerful women in the Ottomon Empire. My strategy was to bring weak men to the throne and then exercise power through them. But I was strangled to death by my daughter-in-law, Turhan Sultan. Who am I? (Hint: you must have heard of a TV show named after me?)

A- Hürrem Sultan

B- Safiya Sultan

C- Kösem Sultan

D- Halima Sultan

6- After kicking out all the possible rivals (British and French colonizers) from the country, what test of loyalty did Ranavalona I of Madagascar devise to make sure her people were completely loyal to her?

A- Tangena - eat three pieces of chicken skin and vomit all of them

B- Mchezo - walk on a floor filled with scorpions and not yell

C- Rire fort - watch your family beaten and laugh at them until you pee

D- Piranha hug - dip your toes in a pond full of piranhas and watch your toes eaten away

7- Queen Zubaidah bint Jafar is remarked as the humblest queen in history and is known for planning and executing development projects in Iraq and other parts of Middle East. One of her biggest achievements was constructing a canal, Nehre Zubaida, to resolve the water shortage faced by pilgrims in Makkah; along with this she is also famous for constructing ...

A- The Grand Mosque of Kufa

B- Al-Kufi pilgrimage route that runs from Kufa to Makkah

C- The Great Ziggurat of Ur, Dhi Qar Province, Iraq

D- The Fortress of Al-Ukhaidir, Karabala

8- We celebrate the defeat and death of Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, in the month of …

A- July

B- March

C- September

D- August

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By Khizra Akhlaq