Winter fashion trends

By Neshmeeya Abbas
Fri, 01, 20

However, there is one age group in particular that is especially focused on discovering themselves: teenagers. Teenagers happen to be the most underrepresented in the fashion industry.....


The fashion world: or as we know it, the idyllic paradise that lures us in with its polished Tory Burch totes, iconic Burberry plaid, and sleek red-bottoms to the point of no return. A place where our wallets meet their inevitable doom while our wardrobes reach nirvana, the fashion realm is our escape from reality into an alternate universe; a universe where an individual can create an entire identity with just a piece of cloth and stitching.

A person’s identity is what makes them stand out in our world of seven billion people; and regardless of one’s age, life is simply a never-ending cycle of self- discovery.

However, there is one age group in particular that is especially focused on discovering themselves: teenagers. Teenagers happen to be the most underrepresented in the fashion industry.

They’re in that awkward stage between just growing out of the children’s section, but haven’t completely made it to the adult’s floor yet either.

But, creating one’s own unique look through fashion is an essential part of forming one’s individuality. So let’s talk about some of the best style trends for teenagers this winter.

Plenty of options for boys

There is often a misconception that boys have little options when it comes to fashion. Though they might not have the variety of brands, accessories, and designs that girls are presented with, there are still plenty of ways teenage boys can attain that ideal GQ look they have always secretly fantasized about achieving. The most underrated yet classic look for boys? The leather jacket and jeans. One can’t really go wrong with a leather jacket.

It can be thrown over almost anything: a plain white t-shirt, a sweater, a polo, you name it. Before you hesitate with the, “Won’t I look like too much of a try-hard?” thought, consider this: as long as you aren’t over-doing it - by that I mean wearing matching tight leather pants and some intense black eyeliner - a leather jacket will give you that subtle suave look every guy is aiming for.

Turtlenecks for guys

Our favorite winter sweater for boys this 2020 has to be the turtleneck. Guys these days are often uncertain about wearing turtlenecks; thinking that they may have too much of a feminine tone to them.

For all the guys out there who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and ditch the typical sweatshirt and shorts, a turtleneck is the perfect stylish yet warm shirt to get you through these frigid winter months. If a turtleneck on its own is a bit too bold for you, try throwing on a matching pull-over. Not necessarily a hoodie with a massive Nike logo written across the front, but a plain tan or navy half-zip over your cozy turtleneck is a great outfit for both an evening function or even just a night out with friends.

The ultimate night out attire

The epic finish to this voguish winter look? The maxi coat. Brands such as Max Mara and Balenciaga have taken coats to new lengths this season with floor-skimming designs that add lots of drama but are definitely a potential trip hazard.

 For those of us on the shorter side, this might not be the most practical of styles; your coat may end up dragging on the floor (ew!), or worse, you could look like you just successfully raided your mother’s closet.

However, when matched with a pair of chunky heels or your new knee-high boots, it will become the ultimate winter night out attire.

Discover boots

What shoes could possibly be worn with a turtleneck dress? I asked myself this exact question after buying my first dress. “Wouldn’t flats or sneakers look a bit odd?” I thought.

That’s when I discovered long boots; in particular, suede knee-highs. The popularity of knee-high boots has stood the test of time, as the trend came about in the 80s. As well as providing warmth in the colder months, these shoes are also seriously chic and surprisingly versatile. Perfect for work, the weekend, nights out and beyond, knee-high boots can look fantastic with a variety of outfits.

Go girls, for turtleneck dresses!

For girls, we are all for that turtleneck trend, but with a feminine touch to it: turtleneck dresses. I personally love the feel of a turtleneck dress, especially those with a bodycon fit to them.

A slim-fitted dress accentuates your curves creating that hour-glass figure we all yearn for. Both long-sleeved and sleeveless, mini and ankle-long, turtleneck dresses are that combination of both elegant and casual that will have you looking fresh out of Paris’ fashion week.