QUIZ WHIZ : Answers

By Khizra Akhlaq
Fri, 10, 19

Figural biscuit-making was practiced in the 16th century, so gingerbread man was baked for the first time....

1. A

Before Catherine of Braganza arrived from Portugal to marry Charles II in 1662, tea was taken as a medicine in Europe. Catherine brought with her a casket of tea along with other spices and medicinal herbs looted from India. She grew up drinking tea in Portugal, so continued drinking it regularly in Europe.

2. D

Figural biscuit-making was practiced in the 16th century, so gingerbread man was baked for the first time in the court of Elizabeth I. Eve’s pudding, shortbread and eccles cake are all royal British delicacies from the 18th century.

3. B

Queen Victoria’s doctor Sir J. Russell Reynold prescribed her tinctures of cannabis for relieving menstrual cramps.

4. A

While farmers in France starved, Marie Antoinette ordered the construction of a fairy-tale hamlet, arranged lavish masquerade balls and spent mindlessly on fashion. She was known for her gravity-defying haridos, accessorized with pricey feathers, trinkets and jewels; once she wore an enormous model of the French warship La Belle Poule. She was called “Madame Deficit” by the revloutionaries of her time and later executed for treason.

5. C

Mary I had Elizabeth I imprisoned after she ascended the throne, so why would Elizabeth I adore her?

6. A

Elizabeth I used a mixture of white lead and vinegar, also known as spirits of Saturn, to paint her scars and look white. The spirits of Saturn was definitely a poison, but queens don’t care!

7. A

In 1475, the Chess Queen was introduced in the game. The inspiration was Isabella, who was seen as the most powerful monarch in Christendom as she persecuted Muslims and Jews, and unified Spain. Muslims introduced Chess to Europe so the addition of Queen to chess signified the end of Muslim Rule in Spain.

8. A

Elton John performed Candle in the Wind for Princess Diana at her funeral in 1997.

9. B

In order to restore Roman Catholicism in England and Ireland, Mary I executed Protestants.

10. B

Catherine staged a coup and had her husband, Peter III, arrested, forcing him to sign a document of abdication and leaving no one to dispute her accession to the throne. Later, he was killed in captivity.

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By Khizra Akhlaq