QUIZ WHIZ: Answers

By Khizra Akhlaq
Fri, 09, 19

Persian soldiers wore heels to help secure their feet in the stirrups while riding horses in the battlefields.....

1. A

Lacoste came out with Save Our Species collection that replaced the famous crocodile on limited edition polo shirts with 10 threatened Species from different regions of the world. The profits help IUCN’s efforts to conserve wildlife.

2. C

Chinese women were made to wear lotus shoes as part of Chinese footbinding tradition that involved tightly bandaging the feet of women to alter their shape for aesthetic purposes.

3. A

Though currently Christian Louboutin produces the most expensive high-end stiletto footwear that incorporates shiny, red-lacquered soles, King Louis XIV (1638 -1715) is the one who introduced these red-sole heels. During his reign, these heels were only worn by aristocrat men.

4. B

Persian soldiers wore heels to help secure their feet in the stirrups while riding horses in the battlefields. They also brought the shoe trend to Europe.

5. A

Hermès was founded in 1837 and is one of the oldest fashion brands, while Versace, Lanvin and Chanel were founded in 1978, 1889, and 1990, respectively.

6. C

After Megan Markle was ranked as the third top celebrity fashion influencer of 2018, the fashionistas and fashion brands began calling this craziness “Markle Sparkle”. I coined the rest of the options!

7. D

Hina Rabbani, former Foreign Minister of Pakistan, carried a black Hermès Birkin bag worth at least $9,000 on her trip to India.

8. C

Luxury brands usually burn their unsold stock to stop it falling into the wrong hands. In 2018, Burberry destroyed more than 28 million ($37 million) of goods. But now reports also say these luxury brands are considering other options after being criticized by environmentalists.

9. A

The first Barbie doll wore a black and white zebra striped swimsuit that represented 1950s teenage fashion and modest swimsuit style from 1940s.

10. C

If you have watched Tangled, then this must have been an easy one! Yes, people actually pinned chameleons to their lapels like regular jewellery.