Climate change is real!

By Khizra Akhlaq
Fri, 07, 19

Singapore is a world leader in environmental sustainability. For what offence citizens could be.....


1- Which country is moving their capital city away from the current one because it’s sinking at one of the fastest rates in the world?

A- Cuba (Havana)

B- Indonesia (Jakarta)

C- Philippines (Manila)

D- Denmark (Copenhagen)

2- Singapore is a world leader in environmental sustainability. For what offence citizens could be fined up to $5000 with the possibility of jail time?

A- Throwing litter

B- Not flushing the toilet

C- Smoking in public

D- Capturing birds

3- Since the Industrial Revolution, global mean temperature has risen to 1°C. According to IPCC reports, in order to survive, it’s vital to maintain the global temperature below...

A- 2°C

B- 3°C

C- 1°C

D- 1.5°C

4- Which one of these celebrities is not an environmental activist?

A- Jessica Alba

B- Leonardo Dicaprio

C- Emma Thompson

D- Lady Gaga

5- In 2018, which two cities of Pakistan were included in the world’s 30 most polluted cities (WHO)?

A- Karachi and Hyderabad

B- Lahore and Faisalabad

C- Rawalpindi and Multan

D- Gwadar and Turbat

6- Climate Change Ministry in Pakistan has been diligently working for environmental causes. Recently, what goal did the ministry achieve?

A- Getting $280 million from World Bank

B- Planted 50,000 neem trees across Indus Plain

C- Imposed a ban on houbara bustard hunting

D- A crackdown on water theft in Karachi

7- Where can we see the strongest impacts of global warming?

A- Arctic region (Alaska, Greenland, Siberia)

B- Tropical countries (Yemen, Brazil, Uganda)

C- Oceania (Marshall Islands, Australia, Indonesia)

D- Western Europe (France, UK, Belgium)

8- Which of these solutions is the most effective way of dealing with climate change? It’s similar to taking 495 million cars off the road!

A- Eating less meat

B- Recycling plastic

C- Avoiding food wastage

D- Ban smoking

9- Which one of these renewable energy sources is a low-carbon energy source?

A- Solar

B- Geothermal

C- Nuclear

D- Biomass

10- According to reports, 26,000 of the world’s species are now threatened and we’re driving a sixth great extinction event. Which animal movie character was announced extinct recently?

A- Master Shifu, Kung Fu Panda (red panda)

B- Blu, Rio (spix’s macaws)

C- Sid, Ice Age (ground sloth)

D- Maurice, Madagascar (aye-aye lemur)

- By Khizra Akhlaq


1- B (Indonesia)

2- A (Throwing litter)

3- D (1.5 degree)

4- D (Lady Gaga)

5- B (Lahore and Faisalabad)

6- A (getting $280 million)

7- A (Arctic region)

8- C (Avoiding food wastage)

9- C (Nuclear energy)

10- B (Blu, Rio)