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I loved the Bits ‘n’ Pieces article “Can eye contact or weird looks count as discrimination.....


Dear Ed,

I loved the Bits ‘n’ Pieces article “Can eye contact or weird looks count as discrimination”! It happens so often at my workplace - the subtle way with which the bullies (usually our seniors at office) try to demean us. The funny thing is, it’s not just the male co-workers, which is the first assumption if we ever discuss this with somebody. (No gender biases here, I’m pretty sure the boys face such discriminations as well.)

The article suggested that we bring this up with HR. I wish it was really that easy. There’s no way you can prove it; the “negative vibes”, all the signs - they are all just your mind’s concoction apparently. You are told to cool off, to ignore, to be more polite/respectful as a goodwill gesture, to even look for other job opportunities and switch if these co-workers are so much of a hassle for you. Because the admin can’t do anything about it and by talking about it, you’re the one giving these “ideas” and making everyone uncomfortable.

Sana Quddoos

Locking horns

Hi Ed,

This is with respect to the NUST Smoking Policy. I agree with Sanniyah Eman’s point here: wouldn’t it be easier to just ban cigarettes on-campus? Just do away with passive as well as active smoking altogether. That would kill two birds with a single stone: achieve a clean environment and keep the girls “safe” (rolling my eyes) as suggested by Fahad Shujaat.

Farhan Qureshi

Negligence of Balochi singers

Singers in Balohistan unfortunately are not given the due respect. They are even threatened and beaten openly in public.

The government does little to promote Balochi singers let alone promote them. I’m afraid this would prove costly for us. With no assistance, the Balochi literature cannot survive for long.

Ali Jan Maqsood, Turbat


Narrated by ‘Uqba bin ‘Amir

The Prophet (S.A.W) went out and offered the funeral prayer for the martyrs of the (battle of) Uhud and then ascended the pulpit and said, “I am your predecessor and I am a witness against you. By Allah, I am now looking at my Tank-lake (Al-Kauthar) and I have been given the keys of the treasures of the earth (or the keys of the earth). By Allah! I am not afraid that after me you will worship others besides Allah, but I am afraid that you will start competing for (the pleasures of) this world.”

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 76, Number 434


Lubna Khalid

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