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Fri, 08, 16

These days, we find ourselves lost in the flood of data available online which makes it difficult for us to find out useful stuff. I think your section ‘Cyberia’ could be of great help in this regard.


Hi Eddy,

These days, we find ourselves lost in the flood of data available online which makes it difficult for us to find out useful stuff. I think your section ‘Cyberia’ could be of great help in this regard. As a student myself, I have surfed the sites recommended by the writer and have found them quite useful. I hope to see it regularly in you magazine.

Sohail Zaidi, Karachi

Dear Editor,

The Art Mart you guys pick up to adorn your back cover really catches the eye. When the picture comes in front of me, I feel refreshed and sit down to reflect on how important art is for our minds and souls. Thanks for these beautiful pictures!

Ruhaima, Lahore

Hey Editor,

The cover on JLC (Junior Leaders Conference), published in your last issue, showed us that our youth is energetic and eager to learn. Since we are in dire need of  good leaders, it is a fact that we would have to inculcate leadership qualities in our new generation. Conferences like JLC and YLC (Young Leaders Conference) could be of great help in the long run. All we have to do is channelise their energies into something productive and worthwhile.

It is also great to see some familiar faces from media and politics showing up on these platforms to inspire our youth with their words.  Most importantly, JLC was not just about speeches, it was also about practical implementation.  If we all work together like this, one day we will see our country flourishing in the hands of competent leaders. 

Ammar Shah, Karachi

Hola Ed,

Just wanted to drop in a word how great your magazine has been looking these past few weeks! Is it an upgrade on your printing? Just kidding! Keep up the good work!

Monis Zahid, Quetta

Pokémon Go craze

Dear Eddy,

Everybody is talking about ‘Pokémon Go’ game these days. This game is pretty amazing and exciting as it requires the players to physically participate in the game. Pokémon Go players could be seen running around with their smart phones, which is crazy. Unfortunately, this game has caused traffic accidents in different countries, which reminds us of the fact that excessive indulgence in technology can be harmful.

Safia Rehman, Lahore

Independence Day

Salam Editor,

Every year, we celebrate Independence Day with great enthusiasm. We all try to show how much we love our motherland by hoisting flags, listening to national songs, and making up some fancy resolutions, but in reality, we are not doing enough to prove that we actually deserved a free state.

The need is to figure out what we can really do for our country; we need to use our talents to build our country and to eradicate all the evils that are corroding our society. We must not let this Independence come and go like the previous ones. We must do something meaningful for Pakistan right now. It could even start with just turning off an extra bulb in your house.

Samra Akhlaq, Karachi


Dear Editor,

I like reading your magazine and also follow you guys on Facebook. I just wanted to know whether you guys have an account on other social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram etc.).


Hi Burhan, thank you for the feedback. And no, we are not that social media savvy :) If you come across any such accounts, beware; they are fake.


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by Haritha bin Wahab

I heard the Prophet (S.A.W) saying, “O people! Give in charity as a time will come upon you when a person will wander about with his object of charity and will not find anybody to accept it, and one (who will be requested to take it) will say, “If you had brought it yesterday, would have taken it, but today I am not in need of it.”

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 24, Number 492


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