By Sameen Amer
Fri, 07, 24

A typical slasher usually has one killer (or maybe two, tops) chasing a group of victims, eliminating them one by one....



Ready or Not


A typical slasher usually has one killer (or maybe two, tops) chasing a group of victims, eliminating them one by one. Ready or Not is not your typical slasher. The 2019 Radio Silence horror comedy flips the script, pitting one intended victim against a whole family of would-be killers!

The target is Grace (Samara Weaving), a newlywed who has just married into the wealthy Le Domas family, the scions of a gaming fortune. But her wedding night takes a very unexpected turn when her husband (Mark O’Brien) informs her that she must take part in an odd tradition: whenever someone new joins the family, they must participate in a game night, an initiation that sees the newcomer drawing a card from a puzzle box and then playing the game that’s mentioned on it.

Unfortunately for our bride, she pulls the hide-and-seek card, and before she knows it, she is being hunted by her in-laws who are armed with antique weaponry and single-mindedly obsessed with keeping their fortune (and lives) by performing a ritual sacrifice before dawn in order to appease their dark supernatural benefactor.

Their attempts, of course, go comedically awry.

Darkly funny, delightfully absurd, and shockingly gory, Ready or Not takes viewers on a thoroughly entertaining ride while commenting on privilege, class, and marriage. It’s clever and fun with a terrific cast and a quick reminder that maybe it isn’t the best idea to sell your soul to the devil!


Yours Truly: Everything You Need for Writing Cards by Helen Harman


Can’t figure out what to say in a message or write in a card? Then Helen Harman has got you covered.

In her book Yours Truly, Harman provides numerous examples of ‘just the right thing’ to write in a card – or message or email or any other medium – for a range of events, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, cultural festivals, bereavement, and more.

You can build on Harman’s suggestions, taking her examples as a starting point and customizing your message to create something more personal.

It’s a slim volume and not particularly dynamic but still useful for anyone who needs a little help figuring out how to express their sentiments.




LibriVox is a non-commercial, non-profit, and ad-free project that offers volunteer-read public domain audiobooks.

The audiobooks are free for anyone to listen to on their computers and mobile device or to burn onto a CD.

The project is powered by volunteers from across the globe, who provide content in all different languages and accents. You can find classics by the likes of Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, and many other writers. The limitation, of course, is that the public domain books are generally quite old (and, as the website warns, may contain language or express notions that are antiquated or even considered offensive in modern times.)