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I am a movie buff, and I really like ‘The Green Room’. I think you don’t give enough space to movies, and ‘Cinema Scope’ should make more outings in Us....

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Hi Ed,

I am a movie buff, and I really like ‘The Green Room’. I think you don’t give enough space to movies, and ‘Cinema Scope’ should make more outings in Us. Ed, ‘Us Talk’ can be made more interesting if you feature singers and sports personalities in it. Sometimes the cover stories are very serious, so my request is to give us fun stuff when you run a serious cover story.

Aimen Zehra, Karachi

Dear Ed,

Behind the white coat: exploring the human side of doctors by Muhammad Majid Shafi, published on 31 May, was pretty one-sided. I sympathize with those doctors who face unpleasantness at the hands of uneducated and unenlightened people, but doctors don’t have that excuse, as they are the most educated professionals in my opinion, and so they should be enlightened, too. While I really respect the medical profession, I can’t say I respect doctors in general. Most of them are too money-minded and are very stingy with their time and advice. I had the misfortune of consulting a doctor who charged 3000 rupees, and gave me barely three minutes. I wanted to know what the problem was with me, but he told me to return in a week after taking the meds and getting the tests done. I am afraid most people in my family haven’t seen the ‘human’ side of doctors; they are mostly money-making machines. So, with due respect to the still ‘humane’ doctors, I think doctors need to do a bit of soul-searching.

Jamal Baloch, Turbat

Drug addiction – a serious issue

Dear Editor,

Drug addiction is a major issue in the country, and a large percentage of youth are taking drugs. It severely damages individuals mentally, physically, and emotionally. Drugs are destroying our youth’s future, as those addicted become a burden on their families. Nowadays, common drugs include narcotics, heroin, crystal meth, and more, and they are available outside educational institutions. Moreover, drug-addicted individuals often commit crimes to buy drugs. Lastly, it is the government’s responsibility to deal with this problem.

Palwasha Abdul Jabbar, Karachi


Lubna Khalid


Sameen Amer

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