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Fri, 06, 24

Pakistan must ensure every child has the right to education and equal opportunities...


Girls education under threat - again

Dear Editor,

Millions of girls are being denied their fundamental right to education. In May, four girls’ schools were burned down, which is a frightening indication of a larger problem. Many girls already drop out after primary school, and there aren’t enough girls’ schools in some areas. This means girls might not get the opportunity to learn and grow. Some militant groups want to impose outdated ideas on everyone, even if it means causing harm. If this continues, families will be too afraid to send their girls to school, and thousands of girls will miss out on education and empowerment. The government needs to take action to stop this by increasing security, pressuring extremist groups, and protecting girls’ schools. If not, it will cause long-term damage and hinder the country’s growth. Pakistan must ensure every child has the right to education and equal opportunities.

Iqra Zahid, Turbat


Dear Editor,

I am a doctor, and my workload doesn’t give me a lot of time to read for pleasure. I used to read Us when I was younger, and I still go through it when I have time. I read Behind the white coat: exploring the human side of doctors with great interest. The writer mentioned that many female doctors have to quit working after getting married due to pressure from their in-laws. I would like to add that many female doctors have to quit even before getting married, because, strangely, families want doctor daughters-in-law but don’t want them to practice. However, economic dynamics are changing mindsets. A single income is often insufficient for a couple with children, so now female doctors are ‘allowed’ to work. This change applies to women in other professions as well. The downside is they still have to manage household responsibilities like housewives who don’t work (no offence to housewives). I am pleased to note that mindsets are changing, and young husbands are becoming more caring and cooperative with their wives.

Zahra Ahmed, Lahore

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