Falak Shahzad Khan: the wonder boy

By Asif Khan
Fri, 06, 24

Let’s now meet the wonder kid who is all set to surprise everybody by perhaps becoming the youngest film writer of Pakistan....

Falak Shahzad Khan: the wonder boy


If there is one child star who has been shining bright, it is definitely Falak Shahzad who started working as a toddler and grew up on sets. From television commercials to serials and now movies, he has been active in the industry for a decade. Working in over fifty TVCs boosted his onscreen confidence so much that he started appearing in TV serials – till now, his total count of drama appearances is more than thirty. His parents have really worked hard to keep him focused and shine like a star.

In serials like Khuda Mera Bhi Hai, Maa Sadqay, Kasak, Ghar Titli Ka Par, Mujhe Khuda Pay Yaqeen Hai, Yaar-e-Bewafa, Badnaseeb, Ahsas, Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida, Soteli Maamta, and many more, Falak appeared in significant roles. Falak has worked with many superstars, from Sajal Ali to Bilal Abbas, Iqra Aziz, Humayoun Ashraf, Wahaj Ali, Nauman Ijaz, Ayesha Khan, Syed Jibran, Sarah Khan, and Imran Abbas.

A big opportunity came knocking on his door when ace director Wajahat Rauf cast him in his films Chhalawa and then Daghabaaz Dil. Then Nabeel Qureshi brought him to the big screen once again in Teri Meri Kahaniyaan.

The young wizard has also appeared in the first two seasons of the web series Wonder Team.

Apart from his studies and acting career, Falak’s parents have taught him to be regular in observing his namaz (prayers) and respecting elders, and this Ramazan, he observed a ten-day itikaf and set another example for youngsters.

Let’s now meet the wonder kid who is all set to surprise everybody by perhaps becoming the youngest film writer of Pakistan.

Us: At this young age, how do you comprehend your role and the story [of a project you are working on]?

Falak Shahzad Khan: Usually my father goes through the entire script and he narrates the story and importance of my role. The director also briefs me about it and then Dad helps me further, like [helping me figure out] how to emote it onscreen.

Falak Shahzad Khan: the wonder boy

Us: Comedy, serious work, or negative roles – what type of roles keep you rolling?

FSK: I have done all types of roles. In Guddu, it was a dead serious role, whereas in the telefilm Kanpain Tang Rahi Hain I was highly applauded for my comic timings and spontaneity, and in my upcoming serial Guddi, I am playing an utterly negative role of a spoiled child.

Us: What is the performance that you feel was the most memorable and astounding one on the whole?

FSK: It was Guddu, a story that peeps into the mind and heart of a much-ignored kid, leaving everyone moist-eyed and melting down even the stonehearted. It has been treated with such sensitivity and maturity that one is left shell-shocked by the sheer impact it leaves in every episode.

Us: What was the best thing about Guddu?

FSK: The best thing was the mesmeric work of the cameraman who captured every minute detail while I was acting, every emotion and every tear, with precision. Not watching it would be sacrilege.

Us: What are your goals with respect to your acting career?

FSK: I want to be a part of projects which contribute a social message and leave an impact. I played a small role in Hadsa where I got the chance to work for an important subject, the use of drugs in schools. It drives home a strong message, making you empathize with the kids who face the aftermath of such issues.

Us: Who are your favourite actors?

FSK: I love Bilal Abbas and Sajal Ali. They are super talented artists and fabulous individuals who always surprise me with their versatility and skill set.

Us: After watching yourself on the big screen, do you like it more than television?

FSK: Yes, I loved it. It was really a joy to behold for me. I really want to do more films now.

Us: What kind of movies do you add to your watchlist?

FSK: Superhero films really inspire me, and a year ago I felt like writing a story myself. I kept inscribing my thoughts and eventually it turned into a film type script. I kept discussing my ideas and taking notes from ace directors, like Wajahat Rauf and others, to see how it can be further improved. My dad is now talking with different production teams to see how it can be executed.

Falak Shahzad Khan: the wonder boy

Us: Is there any incident from set that is difficult to erase from your mind?

FSK: Once I was sitting with Sajal Ali and Mira Sethi, and director Nadeem Baig was making me understand the story and the particular scene that we were about to shoot, and his last line was “mujhay acting nahi chahiye”. I stared at him with my mouth wide open. It made Sajal and Mira burst into laughter at my reaction. Then they both told me to act natural and that’s it. The thing which confused me was that I am an actor and I don’t have to act there.

Us: How do you maintain a balance between studies and shoots?

FSK: Since I started working when I was a toddler, the shoots and sets feel like a second home to me. I have my books with me at the shoot and finish my homework and prepare for my tests. It’s part of my routine now and I’m pretty comfortable with it.

Us: Do you have a secret talent?

Falak Shahzad Khan: the wonder boy

FSK: I’m pretty good at roasting my mates (laughs).

Us: What sports do you enjoy in your free time?

FSK: I love playing cricket. This is what I usually do in my free time.

Us: What does a typical day look like for you when you are not on set?

FSK: I get super bored whenever I am free. So vlogging keeps me hooked. But taking out time for editing and uploading becomes an issue.

Us: Which subjects in school do you find tricky to deal with?

FSK: Mathematics keeps me on tenterhooks, but science keeps me calm and going.

Us: How did you develop those sharp editing skills for your social media content?

FSK: I really like to see how things happen and always try to learn things, like camerawork and other technical areas, when I am on a shoot.

Us: With such multiple interests, what profession would you like to eventually adopt?

FSK: I’m hoping to become a software engineer, but my belief rests in versatility and multitasking, and I want to keep my acting career flourishing, while writing and direction are also on the cards.