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I don’t think degrees should be the only criterion but educated leadership is needed for Pakistan’s progress....

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Dear Editor,

This week’s cover story, Pakistan and the state of unions by Rayaan Ali Khan (17 May), had a lot of food for thought! Student unions have been banned for a long time. I strongly feel they should be allowed to operate. The future political leadership, in democracies, emerges from student bodies, but in our country the system is not encouraged because politicians wish their own family members to replace them. The result is that many of our MNAs and MPAs are not degree holders. I don’t think degrees should be the only criterion but educated leadership is needed for Pakistan’s progress.

Khizar Nadeem, Karachi

Hello Ed,

The interview of Shoaib Hassan (10 May issue) was cool. He is very good looking and talented and I was very happy to see him featured in Us. I also like ‘The Green Room’ and ‘Comic Relief’. Ed, I am waiting for summer movies cover story for this year! I would also like to see pin-ups of Pakistani actors in the mag. Please consider my request.

Pinky Illyas, Lahore

AI in education – a serious threat

Dear Editor,

Many of my friends have started using AI for making their assignments, and the problem is that our teachers are totally clueless! This is something very dangerous for our system of education which is not equipped to deal with such situations. Most students will stop exerting themselves, and start using AI help because the ones who are using it get better grades. I think all higher education institutes should have the software to detect AI use in the assignments of students to deter them from abusing this great resource. Also, teachers should also be observant enough to catch on, but, unfortunately, they are not bothered as AI generated assignments mean less work for them. Someone should take notice of this grave threat to the future of our students, and take actions to stop this practice.

Hya Ahmed, Lahore


Lubna Khalid


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