By US Desk
Fri, 04, 24

Eid Messages .....


Dear family,

This is my first Eid away from you all, and I am already missing you loads.

Shano: Stay away from my eidi, which our Nanu and Nana will send for me to Mom!

Kitty: I miss you most, and I will ask Mom to get you a new collar, and give you the usual Eid treats.

Mom: I love you more than Kitty! I am already having sheerkhurma and katchori dreams.

Baba in heaven: Love you and miss you.

Eid Mubarak, everyone!

Dear Us readers

A very happy Eid to all of you!


All of Us

Dear Palestinians,

You all are in our prayers, as we can only pray. I don’t even know whether it is all right to wish you happy on Eid, but I feel you will be stronger than ever, and will get reward for bearing your trials so stoically. Eid Mubarak.

Sarah Khan

Dear Jay in Turkiye,

So it will be baklava and Turkish delights for you! Hope you have a great time at Eid. Eid Mubarak to your hubby also.


Dear Mamu and Mami,

May Allah SWT accept your Umrah. It will be a special Eid for you in Makkah, but we will miss you a lot here. But don’t think I won’t ask for my eidi in addition to whatever you will bring for me from there.

Farah Syed

Dear Aania,

This is going to the happiest Eid of my life, as I will celebrate it with you. You are awesome, and with you time flies so pleasantly and beautifully. Eid Mubarak!