Making the most of Ramazan !

By Maira Murtaza
Fri, 03, 24

The holy month of Ramazan brings a serene vibe to our lives. Every aspect of our life is no doubt, surrounded by an unexplainable sense of calm and warmth....

Making the most of Ramazan !


The holy month of Ramazan brings a serene vibe to our lives. Every aspect of our life is no doubt, surrounded by an unexplainable sense of calm and warmth. This month plays an important role in shaping us as a whole and provides us with a chance to pause, breathe and restart.

Being a full-time student during this month, sometimes becomes extremely stressful and tiring, as we try to pick up and keep a pace with it. Juggling between studies and prayers, whilst fasting wears us out. Let’s look into a few ways to make it easier to give ample time to both studies and prayers during Ramazan without becoming worn-out, and make the most out of this blessed month.

To-do lists

Never forget to make tidy to-do lists. List all the tasks you want to get done during your entire day. Break down each bigger task into several smaller tasks, so that checking them out allows your brain to generate an instant dose of happy hormones for you. This makes you stay motivated and gives you the much-needed go-ahead to finish everything on the list.

Ramazan planner

Keeping a Ramazan planner is a unique experience in its own. There are several different types of Ramazan planners available in the market today. These planners consist of Ramazan calendar, Sehr-Iftar timings, check boxes for namaz and daily adhkaar and a lot more. This also helps you to keep the record of your daily Qur’an reading progress or any other personal goals you want to achieve during the blessed month of Ramazan, like memorizing surahs, etc.All-in-all, it is a great way to stay organized and motivated.

Making the most of Ramazan !

Study time

It is always better to test out different times to study to find the one that suits you the best. However, structuring your study hours around the prayer timings is always a good idea. This helps you to study for many hours on end without getting distracted, followed by a break that allows you to pray and have a moment of peace before hopping on to the next study session. You can always extend this time according to your desire to recite Qur’an as well.


Never underestimate the power of a good old alarm clock. Use your smart phone to remind you of prayer timings. Alarms and a stopwatch can also help you to keep yourself focused and encouraged throughout your study sessions.

Nutrition and hydration

Nothing in the world can be achieved if you don’t take care of your health. We all have been listening to a very well-known proverb since the moment we opened our eyes to this world, “Health is wealth.” In order to maintain your health, you should never skip proper suhoor to trade for a few more minutes of sleep. Always be mindful of what you consume. Always remember, what you feed your stomach is also what you feed your brain. In order to stay healthy and fresh, you have to opt for healthier food options. After iftar, keep a pitcher or a water bottle in your immediate reach, to never get lazy to get up and drink.

Sleep time

Sleep is as important if you want to be productive and meet all your deadlines. You and your mind deserve a break. Always try to get at least eight hours of sleep in 24 hours, if not more. If you are unable to achieve this target all at once, the best is to break down the hours in multiples of two and take naps as they suit your schedule the best.

May this Ramazan bring a lot of prosperity and peace for all of us. Ameen.