Dubai – let’s go!

By FD.Sheikh
Fri, 03, 24

A traveller’s guide to Dubai delights ...

Dubai – let’s go!


Shopping in Dubai

Is it possible to shop economically in Dubai? Yes, definitely. While Dubai is known for offering a plethora of expensive shopping malls, at the same time, it has souks that offer good quality items at economical rates. There are some brands even in Dubai Mall – which is one of the expensive malls in the city – that offer good quality wears at not-so-expensive rates. Besides, shopping in Bur Dubai, Dragon Mart, Karama Market, etcetera gives you quality and affordability at the same time.

On the other hand, if you are brand conscious, you may visit Outlet Mall where renowned and other brands offer good discounts throughout the year. And if the pocket is not a concern for you, then just visit Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, City Walk, The Galleria at the Palm, etcetera and spend dollars and dollars on everything you are looking for!

Gold Souk Dubai: If you are looking for gold, visiting Dubai Gold Souk in district Deira is a must, where more than 350 retailers are ready to trade a variety of gold and gold-made jewellery.

Also, covering the distance from Bur Dubai to Deira in a boat is thoroughly exhilarating. This 1-Dirham-only boat ride, especially in the eve, leaves you with a mesmerizing feel with its breathtaking sunset view.

Dubai Mall: Visiting Dubai without going to Dubai Mall is simply incomplete. The Dubai Mall is the second largest mall in the world, after the Iran Mall, by total land area, and the 26th largest shopping mall in the world by gross leasable area, tying with West Edmonton Mall and Fashion Island, Bangkok. It has a total retail floor area of 502,000 square meters, which is equivalent in size to more than 50 football fields.

Dubai – let’s go!

Adjacent to the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall is part of the 20-billion-dollar Downtown complex, called Downtown Dubai. It includes over 1,200 shops. It also has a 250-room luxury hotel, 22 cinema screens, plus 120 restaurants and cafes. In addition to shopping and fine dining experiences, Dubai Mall offers various attractions, like an ice rink, an aquarium and underwater zoo, and the VR Park, a virtual reality gaming destination.

Global Village Dubai: A world without borders, the Global Village is not a typical village but an exhibition that offers you everything from bustling bazaars to breathtaking performances, scrumptious cuisines, and shopping options from all over the world that are assembled in country-wise divisions. It is one of the must-visit attractions of Dubai. Entry ticket to this borderless world is around AED 25, following which you are welcomed to a world of shopping, eateries, entertainment, fun-filled activities, shows, funfair, and what not, and that too all at one spot. A combination of 90 countries’ culture from across the globe, it possesses one of the biggest parking areas of Dubai. Keeping in view the severity of the weather, Global Village remains open usually from November to April.

Mall of Emirates: Mall of Emirates is yet another iconic shopping destination located in Al Barsha district of Dubai in proximity of Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah. Spread over 2.55 lac square feet leasable area, Mall of Emirates offers shopping, dining, hotels, restaurants, gaming, entertainment, and other attractions to its visitors. Ski Dubai is one of the primary attractions of Mall of Emirates, which is an indoor ski resort featuring real snow slopes, snowboarding, skiing, and various other snow-related activities.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah: Souk Madinat Jumeirah is a traditional-style market with a modern touch, offering a range of shopping spots and restaurants. Waterfront views at Souk Madinat Jumeirah fascinate the visitors.

Ibn Battuta Mall: Themed around the travels of Ibn Battuta, Ibn Battuta Mall offers a mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment based on different regions.

Dubai Marina Mall: It is a waterfront mall with a range of shops, dining options, and views of the marina.

Burj Khalifa downtown area: Though Burj Khalifa itself doesn’t have shopping facilities inside, however, luxurious hotels and all other renowned shopping sites are broadly located in this one downtown area. You may spend more than a couple of days here exploring and enjoying shopping and fine-dining experience.

As for the skyscraper itself, it soars to the height of 828 meters and stands as a testament to Dubai’s architectural and engineering prowess. Located in the heart of downtown Dubai, BK tower’s design is inspired by Islamic architecture. Burj Khalifa is the home of three main observation decks, Armani Hotel, residential apartments, corporate offices, restaurants, lounges, and much more! The observation decks named “At the Top” on the 124th and 125th floor and “At the Top Sky” on the 148th floor – the highest outdoor observation deck in the world – attract a number of visitors daily.

If you visit Burj Khalifa and do not relish the fountain show, a water spectacle offering choreographed performances, you have missed something big. This spectacle is arranged in the lake adjacent to Burj Khalifa that is surrounded by around 30 acres area featuring a magnificent combination of waterfalls, music, and lights. Shooting the water through jets up to 150 meters (490 feet) synchronized with the beats of lively famous music and songs creates a sight to behold. It attracts thousands of visitors daily after every thirty minutes in the evening till midnight. This is a must visit attraction for tourists and locals alike. So don’t forget to visit Burj Khalifa and be mesmerized by the fountain show over there.


What I disliked about being in Dubai

No winters. Seriously, I thoroughly miss chilly weather in Dubai. A foggy night’s walk draped in high necks and leather jackets or long Chester coats along with a hot cup of coffee instilling its warmth through the grip of your hands … oh man, I missed it in a city like Dubai.

Dubai – let’s go!

Though there is no tax in Dubai, but the cost of living in terms of housing, education, and luxury goods is heavy on the pockets here. And what can you even say about traffic congestion! Leave Dubai alone, traffic congestion is probably going to be a universal problem with the emerging tech cars and automobile options. And if you are a nature lover, you are also going to miss natural beauty somewhere, sometime during your stay in Dubai due to over-commercialization and rapid developments.

During my stay in Dubai, I was thoroughly shocked when a group of people tried to play a trick and attempted to glom money from us and other tourists at the gold and spice souk. Reportedly, it’s a scam that is frequently played on tourists in this area. A group of people try to engage tourists in sugary talks, then attempt to sell their fake products and run away. So, beware of it. Don’t fall prey to such fraudsters.

Overall, it goes without saying that undoubtedly Dubai is one of the most worth-visiting tourist spots in the world. With its renowned futuristic constructions, skylines, extravagant shopping avenues, luxury lifestyle, and iconic landmarks, it blends modernity with traditional Arabian culture. Boasting a thriving business hub, tax-free economies, and diverse-natured population, Dubai has become a global tourist destination with a desert backdrop, high-end resorts, and a vibrant nightlife scene. It’s a must visit for a leisure trip! Go on!

See you next time with some new travelling experience!