DUBAI – let’s go!

By FD.Sheikh
Fri, 03, 24

Here’s an overview of the different types of foods and their availability in various areas of Dubai .....

DUBAI – let’s go!


A traveller’s guide to Dubai delights

Food spots in Dubai

Dubai welcomes a diverse range of tourists from around the world throughout the year, which is why it also serves a diversified culinary experience. From high-end dining options to budget-friendly dhabas, there is much on offer here.

While the food is tasty, it is not pocket friendly. Especially if you are living away from the old city or in areas of modern downtown Dubai, be ready: food is going to be heavy on the pocket. However, if you stay or go near Al Barsha or other economical zones, you can come across good desi and continental options at reasonable rates.

Here’s an overview of the different types of foods and their availability in various areas of Dubai:

Downtown Dubai: It offers upscale fine dining options, ranging from higher priced to affordable eateries.

Jumeirah: With a scenic view of beachfront buildings, Jumeirah is well-known for a mix of high-end dining options and more budget-friendly cafes and restaurants. You’ll find a variety of cuisines, including Arabic, Mediterranean, and international options.

DUBAI – let’s go!

Deira and Al Barsha: Known for its traditional markets, at Deira you can discover local flavours and authentic Emirati cuisine at affordable prices. Look for small local restaurants and street food stalls for budget-friendly meals.

Al Barsha is a vivacious neighbourhood with numerous dining options, particularly along Sheikh Zayed Road and near Mall of the Emirates. You can find a variety of cuisines, including Pakistani, Indian, Arabic, Chinese, and Italian, with prices ranging from budget-friendly to mid-range.

The desi Pakistani and Indian hotels/restaurants you come across offer reasonably good food, but, in my opinion, compromise on quality dining experience. To relish the fine-dining feel, opt for urban or modern downtown areas.

Jumeirah Lake Towers: Offering a diverse range of popular residential and commercial spots, Jumeirah Lake Towers serve a variety of dining options, including Pakistani, Indian, Italian, Lebanese, and Thai, that are a mixture of affordable and expensive.

Dubai Marina: If you are looking for seafood options, trendy cafes, and international fine-dining spots, Dubai Marina is ready to fascinate you. Prices are on the higher side, but with its stupendous harbour view, the dining experience is absolutely fascinating.

Sheikh Zayed Road: Sheikh Zayed Road is the major highway of Dubai that can take you to shopping malls, commercial activities, and dining options. Along the Sheikh Zayed Road, you can find a variety of dining options catering to different budgets and tastes, including fast food chains, cafes, and restaurants.

Dubai International City: If you are looking for international food at affordable prices, head to Dubai International City. The wide range of cuisines includes affordable Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Filipino, and Ethiopian restaurants.

If you are tired after a full day’s activities and want to order food online, you may opt for services like Careem which – after you register for membership against nominal charges – offer good services that may ease your pocket in terms of travelling and online food ordering.


Visiting spots in Dubai

Where to go and where not to

This is probably the trickiest thing to decide. Dubai offers you the chance to witness plenty of manmade wonders. Where you go also depends on your interests. You will find innumerable suggestions and recommendations for you to plan your trip(s) to Dubai - be it YouTube videos, family and friends, or agents. And if you keep listening to all of them, you are certainly going to be perplexed.

During my first, 10-day trip, I visited around 12 to 13 different spots. And honestly, I enjoyed a lot the places that were least recommended by others. So it is highly recommended to first Google the spots recommended by others, watch YouTube videos, and then pick according to your interests.

I would personally catalogue some of the important sites in the following categories.

Technology freak? Visit Museum of the Future, Dubai Internet City, and Emirates Tower.

Fond of history and culture? Visit Dubai Museum, Al Bastakiya, and Dubai Heritage Village. Similarly, cultural landmarks may include Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Opera, and Alserkal Avenue.

Drawn towards nature? Go for Dubai Miracle Garden, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, etc.

Want some family time? Visit Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Aquaventure Water Park, Wild Wadi Water Park, and Dubai Creek Park.

Luxury and shopping time? Try Burj Khalifa, Gold Souk, Mall of Emirates, and Outlet Mall.

DUBAI – let’s go!

Places to check out

There are some places that are extremely famous and recommended to be visited in Dubai but merit no more than a quick visit only. On the other hand, there are spots that though are not very famous but are worth visiting.

For instance, visiting Burj Khalifa and taking pictures around it is a must for anyone visiting Dubai, especially for the first time. Trust me, there is nothing more inspiring to the soul than witnessing a few moments of sunset or sunrise from the 148th floor of the high-rise building. Some, however, may not find it value for money – paying around USD 100-150 for witnessing a sunset from the 148th floor may not sound like a value-for-money deal but this is the cost of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If pocket allows, go for it.

And yes, when you visit Dubai, do not forget to enjoy some of the following must-do activities:

DUBAI – let’s go!

Dubai Desert Safari: Escaping the urban landscape, the desert Safari welcomes you to a full day’s thrilling, adventurous experience of the Arabian Desert. You can enjoy dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, and witness a beautiful desert sunset. Do not forget to include traditional entertainment and a BBQ dinner here.

Skydiving over Palm Jumeirah: Go skydiving over the iconic Palm Jumeirah that offers breathtaking views of the city and coastline for adrenaline junkies.

Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise: Savor a delicious meal and romantic evening/night while cruising the illuminated skyline along the Dubai Marina.

The Dubai Beaches: Relax – the pristine beaches of Dubai, such as Jumeirah Beach Residence or Kite Beach welcome you throughout the day. Enjoy water sports, beachside dining, and stunning views there.

Dubai Miracle Garden: The world’s largest natural flower garden, Dubai Miracle Garden features incredible floral displays and exceptional landscapes.

Dubai Hot Air Balloon Ride: Enjoy a serene and panoramic view of the desert landscapes and the Hajar Mountains on a hot air balloon ride.

Gold and Spice Souks: These traditional markets in Deira that offer a rich experience of dazzling gold displays and aromatic spices are a must visit.

Abra Ride on Dubai Creek: Traditional abra ride along Dubai Creek offers the juxtaposition of the city’s modern and historical sides. That’s another must visit as the sunset here offers a breathtaking view.

Dubai Frame Sky Deck: Head to the top of the Dubai Frame’s Sky Deck for panoramic views of the city. This place offers an interesting view of old and new Dubai.

Read more about visiting Dubai in our next issue.