Dubai – let’s go!

By FD.Sheikh
Fri, 02, 24

That is why there are many multinational and private organizations that make it a must for their employees to travel or enjoy leisure trips once a year....

Dubai – let’s go!


Travelling is quite important for humans. Not only it helps you remain physically healthy, but also nurtures you psychologically. Tired of monotonous routine and activities, those who indulge themselves in travelling, whether it is local or international, tend to remain more active and perform well in their professional and social life.

That is why there are many multinational and private organizations that make it a must for their employees to travel or enjoy leisure trips once a year.

In my case, travelling is one of my goals in life. I find it exhilarating being introduced to new places, new cultures, new sites, nature, people with different ethnicities, new foods, and history. Penning down experiences, recollecting them after years – oh man! It takes you back down memory lane.

This year when I visited Dubai, I experienced some aspects in terms of travelling abroad, and Dubai specifically, that I deem significant to be shared with all of Us, particularly the ones who are planning a leisure trip to Dubai. So here we go!


Best time to visit Dubai

Being situated in deserts, summers in Dubai, UAE, are scorching. So forget visiting Dubai during summers for a leisure trip.

If you are planning with your friends or family, the best time to visit Dubai is mid-October to mid-April every year.

If you are fond of swimming and beach parties, it might be a little colder during December to February. Keeping it in context, the ideal time would be March to April or October to November.

However, if you are specifically planning for New Year’s Eve festivities, that’s truly a treat to witness here.


Ways of travelling to Dubai

You may opt for the services of an agent who, keeping in view your interests and preferences, can plan and manage your travel from departure to return.

Or you may plan each and every thing on your own with the support of Google and family and friends. Each way has its own pros and cons. Let’s dig in further.

Dubai – let’s go!

At agent’s beck and call

A reputable travel agency will ensure you have a hassle-free experience. They will be the one managing everything for you. Be it visa application, ticket management, or travel within the city.

You may have a meeting with your agent who would ask you about your preferences, like visiting historical sites, fun places, and/or theme parks, and present you spots and places to visit accordingly. They will then schedule your visit, dividing the days according to your taste and interest.

It is advisable to search for ticket rates online for various airlines, preferably 20-30 days prior to your travel, and match it with the rates provided by your agent and negotiate accordingly. You may opt for the services of an agent for purchasing your tickets in advance and managing activities relating to your visa, arrival, etc.

Dubai – let’s go!

Be your own tour guide

On the other hand, you may go for managing each tiny detail on your own. By searching on Google, discussing with family and friends, reading the feedback of users online, and watching YouTube videos, you can manage your trip according to your requirements.

Mind it, this option comes with more ifs and buts, and it is time consuming as well. However, it is all going to be fun. I mean, you would enjoy exploring and searching about the country you are visiting. This will enhance your trip pleasure, traveling experience, and general and overall knowledge about the place you are visiting.

As in my case, I opened the entire map of Dubai online and today I know almost all or at least a good number of the renowned roads and areas of Dubai, their specialties, and other pertinent details that a traveller visiting Dubai must keep in mind. This is tiresome but thoroughly enjoyable as well.

I hired the services of an agent for visa and tickets; the rest I did on my own, and this combo worked really well!

So, the choice is yours. If you want an absolutely “comfortable”, well-planned, and time bounded trip, you may hire the services of an agent, or with a little extra pain, you can enjoy the real essence of travelling. Also, hiring services of an agent is usually expensive. After all, he is running his business!


Transportation within Dubai

Multiple choices, again. Let’s assess them.

Agent arranged or locally hired?

An agent can also arrange your transport within Dubai and UAE or any city or country you are visiting. This medium of intercity transportation will precisely book a dedicated car for you, pick and drop you from and to your planned destination, on and after a specified time period.

This may be heavy on your pocket but will certainly save your time and avoid hassle. At the same time, this medium will not allow you the chance to experience urban life in Dubai or any city you are visiting to.

The other option of intercity transportation is hiring the services of local Careem or taxi drivers. I planned each intercity visit in Dubai on my own through Hala/Careem and other local taxi services. I used to Google my destination well in advance and manage travelling through local taxi services and even sometimes through the metro train.

And yes, unless you are a veteran driver, don’t think of renting a car in Dubai, as fines on traffic rules violation in Dubai are frequent which can drain your pocket at once.

Dubai – let’s go!

Metro train

The Metro train is an experience in itself: it gives you an opportunity to observe Dubai’s urban life firsthand. Locals have to walk a reasonable distance to reach metro station. While this might be adventurous for travellers, it is extremely tiresome for those who have an average job in Dubai and are following a monotonous routine on a daily basis. This tells you how hard earned money is in a fascinating city like Dubai.

The crux of the matter is if you enjoy witnessing urban life (which I think one should) and do not mind walking, managing your intercity visits through the metro train is a good option.

However, I would suggest Hala (local name for Careem) services if you are travelling with kids, have to change more than one stops, or are traveling to place where the train is unreachable. Otherwise, it’s going to be tiresome, and you might not be able to relish your time well on your desired destination because of travel exertion.


Dubai – let’s go!

Residence in Dubai

From shared rooms to average local hotels, from two to three star to luxurious five or seven star hotels, Dubai has a variety of residential options to offer. Honestly, it all depends on your budget.

If you are the kind of traveller who wants to spend less on residence and more on intercity traveling, fun-filled activities and exploring the city, then the hotels and residential options near Al-Barsha and other two/three/four star hotels can do the job for you.

Some people favor a cheaper option on a leisure trip in Dubai since you’ll only be going to the hotel for sleep and breakfast

I feel that if your pocket permits, good residential options can further enrich your travelling experience. A number of places in Dubai gave me a feel of my own city, Lahore, but to experience the feel of being in “Dubai”, I wanted to spend somewhat generously on residence as well. After all, you should pamper yourself in every aspect on a leisure trip.

Mind it, if you are planning to manage your intercity travelling by the metro train, you better opt for a hotel or residential option that is near the metro station. Websites like and may offer you discounted room rates if you book in advance, preferably 30-40 days before your travel.

Before finalizing your selected hotel or residence, you must compare the rates on different websites at different times and consult the rates through your agent as well. Sometimes, an agent having booked rooms in advance can offer a good discount as compared to these websites.

Dubai – let’s go!

5+ star hotels

It is also worth mentioning that sometimes an apparently expensive-looking hotel may cost less as compared to others, or may offer services that are value for the big amount of money you spend. For instance, there are beaches and bays in Dubai that, if you opt to stay there, offer you a complete package of hotel stay, spa, gym, adventure parks, and waterparks free of cost. This makes your stay economical or at least value against money spent.

So, ideally, you must do a comparison and make the most of your trip effectively, efficiently, and smartly as well.

Read more about visiting Dubai in our next issue.