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Fri, 02, 24

I will just pray that the next government can allay the fears of people and work for their betterment....

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Dear Editor,

The cover story Pak sarzameen (Feb 9) was an interesting read. The comments of the young people reflected their maturity, common sense, and love for their country. Although most of the young people didn’t seem very hopeful, it was good to see that some comments were positive. We can’t give up; we need to keep our hopes alive in order to survive. So I will just pray that the next government can allay the fears of people and work for their betterment.

Amir Illyas, Lahore

Cheating dilemma

Dear Editor,

I want to emphasize the urgent need to address the issue of cheating and put an end to cheating practices.

The overwhelming workload leaves students with unfinished courses, leading them to cheat in Balochistan Board Exams to compensate for their lack of preparation.

Eman Qamar, Turbat

Smoking kills

A large number of people worldwide die due to smoking. Smoking harms human life, and is particularly harmful to young people, leading to addiction. Despite the health risks, some consider smoking a fashion statement.

Smoking damages the lungs, causing serious health issues. Even a single cigarette can cause damage, so it is advised not to use it.

Leading to problems like mouth cancers and heart diseases, smoking is a major cause of death worldwide. In 2020 alone, over 8 million people died from smoking-related diseases. In Pakistan, the smoking rate is high, causing over 111 deaths per 100,000 people in 2020, with an increase of 20.20 percent from previous years.

Smoking not only causes illness but also has a significant economic impact. The government should ban such harmful products, and companies producing them should face restrictions.

Bibi Hajira Lal Bakhsh, Turbat


Lubna Khalid


Sameen Amer

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