Getting to know Husnain Tariq

By Asif Khan
Fri, 12, 23

He embarked on a captivating journey in the world of filmmaking at a very young age....

Getting to know Husnain Tariq


Husnain Tariq, a multifaceted young creator, has a story worth following. He embarked on a captivating journey in the world of filmmaking at a very young age. Once known for tech wizardry, Husnain gracefully made a smooth transition to the realm of cinematography, working on commercials, music videos, and shorts. His Instagram feed and YouTube channel offer breathtaking cinematic masterpieces, transporting you to a world where visual storytelling is the main course of the meal that he offers to his followers and as sides you get on the platter his funny jabs infused with a healthy dose of humour and entertaining vlogs that are bound to leave you in splits.

Us: What does success mean to you?

Husnain Tariq: Being recognized for your work and fulfilling your goals and purpose.

Us: Is there something you learned early on in your career which helped you become a better artist?

HT: Do not follow trends. You need to stand out and focus on making content that you’re satisfied with.

Us: What is the most challenging thing about this career?

HT: Keeping up appearances.

Us: Did you get any formal education for this career?

HT: No, I learned almost everything, from cinematography to editing, through practice and YouTube.

Getting to know Husnain Tariq

Us: Who is your role model, and what do you like about his work?

HT: Irfan Junejo. I love his storytelling and cinematography.

Us: From all your projects so far, which one is the most meaningful to you, and why?

HT: As a tech YouTuber, I made an impact on the community. It is something I am known for and what helped me achieve almost everything I had on my goals list.

Us: Do you believe good looks and connections are the only things that make a star?

HT: Mostly yes, but you need talent as well because otherwise the audience will not appreciate you.

Us: How has social media changed things for you?

HT: It made me more confident and self-sufficient.

Us: How do you deal with self-doubt?

HT: I have an amazing social circle with friends I can count on with my life. I just take their opinion and then follow my gut.

Us: Any advice for youngsters?

HT: Be yourself.

My teenage years

Date of birth and zodiac

December 27, Capricorn.

The best thing about being a teenager was

Carefree life.

Getting to know Husnain Tariq

The worst thing about being a teenager was

Studies, lol.

I was always listening to


My favourite actors were

Al Pacino, Guy Pearce, Robert De Niro, and Christian Bale.

My favourite singers were

Atif Aslam, Strings, Vital Signs, Asfar Hussain, Abdul Hannan, Coldplay, Beatles, and Queen.

My favourite superhero was

Doctor Strange.

My favourite movie was

Behind Enemy Lines.

My closet was full of

Magnets taken out of broken toys and electronics.

My friends were

Supportive, funny, like family.

What hurt me the most was

I wasted a lot of my time chasing things that weren’t meant for me.

I wish I had known then that

You need basic life skills because no one will look after you except you.

Relations with family were


My favourite subject was

Computer science.

My least favourite subject was


My favourite food was

Biryani, of course!

My favourite hangout was

KFC with friends on the roof.

My favourite sport was

Table tennis and football.