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Hats off! Ed, I am a fan of the poets whose poems make the Poets’ Corner an excellent segment....

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Hello Editor,

I was impressed – and very happy – when I read about the achievements of Muhammad Waleem in the issue of 10 November (Muhammad Waleem – an inspiration for the youth by Ahmad Hassan Nadeem). I think he is probably my age, but while I am totally dependent on my parents for my expenses this dude is doing great things for the people who need help. Hats off! Ed, I am a fan of the poets whose poems make the Poets’ Corner an excellent segment. This week’s issue was special for me as it was devoted to our unfortunate Palestinian brothers and sisters. Please covey my appreciation to Sirajuddin Aziz for his very touching poem.

Hassan Khan, Karachi

Hi Ed,

For some months now, I have been reading letters from students of Balochistan about the problems they face in the Us mail section. I wonder if anyone is even paying attention? It is very depressing to know that the largest province of Pakistan according to area does not have proper school buildings, teachers, transport and textbooks for the students. I hope the people concerned do something about it.

Saira Ahmed, Lahore

Hi Ed,

I loved ‘Breakfasts from around the world’ by Gulrukh Tausif (3 November issue). I am interested in food, and reading about the cuisine of different countries and then trying to cook the dishes I like to perfection is my hobby. I think Us should carry recipes of the Mediterranean food as it is healthy and flavourful. Pakistani food is delicious but very rich most of the time, so it isn’t really good for health. Ed, I am loving Terry’s diaries. The style of the writer is very good and I actually feel the anguish s/he is going through. I think it’s a she as guys usually don’t have to go through such stuff. Keep up the good work, Us!

Anjum Ahmed, Karachi


Lubna Khalid


Sameen Amer

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