By S. K
Fri, 06, 23

Their gray thoughts, their strange thoughts ... Have made me sad and wise....



I know the stars

By Sara Teasdale

I know the stars by their names,

Aldebaran, Altair,

And I know the path they take

Up heaven’s broad blue stair.

I know the secrets of men

By the look of their eyes,

Their gray thoughts, their strange thoughts

Have made me sad and wise.

But your eyes are dark to me

Though they seem to call and call—

I cannot tell if you love me

Or do not love me at all.

I know many things,

But the years come and go,

I shall die not knowing

The thing I long to know.

From chaos towards purity

By Zarnab Elahi

Mixed feelings and confused thoughts.

When join together in a flaw.

Here rises an awful excitement.

With so much anger and sadness.

Leading towards chaos.

Filled with many fantasies.

It forms an illusionary world.

With astonishing aims and purposes.

After absorbing my attention.

And dissolving my worries in it.

It let me alone with the same chaos.

And ambiguity in my thoughts.

In another strange world.

Where everything has now

Purified itself!

Silence is a beautiful revenge

By Laraib Zakir

Isn’t it?

With a tinge of eeriness

And then a whole lot of it,

It kills them.

First, slowly and steadily

And then out of drabness

It plunges its claws

Into their conscience

And then withdraws.

Leaving them agonized,

In pain, for many years to come.

Lilting Lights

By Ayesha Malik

As the delicate chandeliers

Swing from bough to bough

The yellow petals twinkle

With an effervescent glow

Each flower a quintessence

Of sunlight beyond reticence

The sun rays play peekaboo

A beatific vision they accrue

Bit by bit crystal prisms come ajar

Falling one by one as luminous stars

A yellow carpet stretches beneath

Each dimmed by the scurrying breeze

A dullness perpetuated in darkness

Refurbished by a sweet earnestness

A twist of artifice with nature blends

The night sky unscrupulously extends

Synthetic lamps are scattered around

The leafy boughs continue to astound

This time though, when the light glows

From copious electrons it easily flows

Consuming the nocturnal scenery

In a splurging flash of electric reverie.

Compiled by SK