Introducing Ahsan Afzal Khan

By Asif Khan
Fri, 06, 23

He has made the transition to television and made his debut with Heer Da Hero which has helped him comprehend the nuances and subtleties of acting....

Introducing Ahsan Afzal Khan


Grandson of superstar of yore Madam Nisho and offspring of film and television veterans Afzal Khan and Sahiba, upcoming actor, model and social media influencer Ahsan Afzal Khan is an amazing blend of contemporary grace and uber-coolness. Carrying a legacy spanning generations on his young shoulders, Ahsan has been trying to make a mark through his social feeds, stories and television serials, delivering an expansive range of versatility in varied avatars – be it dancing, singing, acting, modelling or comic skits, his confident portrayals resonate well with young people.

With a bachelor’s degree in economics from LUMS, Ahsan aims to continue his studies. In showbiz, he intends to win over the industry as a comedy hero. After a number of brand shoots, TV commercials and the short story music video ‘Pehli Muhabbat’, he has made the transition to television and made his debut with Heer Da Hero which has helped him comprehend the nuances and subtleties of acting.

With all his vigour and energy, Ahsan is all set to surprise audiences with his upcoming projects.


Us: What does success mean to you?

Ahsan Afzal Khan: Being able to create massive impact from my work, and that I reach a stage where I generate employment for others. In the showbiz industry, I want to work hard to achieve modest success.

Us: What is something you learned early on in your career which helped you become a better actor?

AAK: You really need to get involved in your scenes and bring in your own punch by recognising your strengths and weaknesses to play them well.

Us: What is the most challenging thing about this career?

AAK: Being patient.

Introducing Ahsan Afzal Khan

Us: Did you get any formal education for this career? How did you learn the craft of acting?

AAK: Not formally, but I learned it from my father and followed advice of most of his co-actors who are veterans of our showbiz industry. For newcomers, you should first learn the basics through YouTube or any formal training, then observe and bring in your distinctive styles to it.

Us: Who are some of your role model actors and actresses, and what do you like about their work?

AAK: Tom Cruise, Christian Bale, Hrithik Roshan. I like the way they are extremely invested in their work and haven’t made their good looks their entire personality.

Us: Out of your projects, which one is the most meaningful to you, and why?

AAK: It is yet to come. I am playing a student and aspiring journalist in an upcoming series, and I am really looking forward to it.

Us: Do you believe good looks and connections are the only things that make a star?

AAK: No. Though both are important, the audience will eventually reject you if you don’t have talent and intelligence.

Us: How has social media changed things for you?

AAK: It has helped me create a perception of mine to some extent.

Us: How do you deal with self-doubt?

AAK: I never doubt myself. I understand that people are like fingerprints: unique, and that all of us have our own strengths and weaknesses.

Us: Please share three pieces of advice for aspiring actors.

AAK: Be clear what kind of actor you aim to be, work on that and learn beyond just acting; be creative.

My teenage years

Date of birth and zodiac sign

14 July, Cancer.

The best thing about being a teenager was

You had time to explore yourself.

Introducing Ahsan Afzal Khan

The worst thing about being a teenager was

You thought you had too much time.

I was always listening to

Lane 8, Weeknd, Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali.

My favourite actors were

Christian Bale and Shahrukh Khan.

My favourite singers were

Ali Zafar, Ali Sethi, and Javed Bashir.

My favourite superhero was


My favourite movies were

Fight Club, Good Will Hunting, and Before Sunrise.

My favourite book was

The Freakonomics series by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner.

My closet was full of


What used to hurt me the most was


Introducing Ahsan Afzal Khan

I wish I had known then

[That you should] invest more in your hobbies and passions.

Relations with family were

Always amazing!

My favourite subject was


My least favourite subject was


I couldn’t stand


My favourite food was

Beef burger, steaks, nihari, karahi, BBQ … don’t know where to stop.

My favourite hangout

Playing FIFA with the boys.

My favourite sport was


Five things I couldn’t live without

Family, friends, food, gym and water.