By S. K
Fri, 05, 23

But oppress others to give up what they believe in without a valid reason ...



From Faiz...


By Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Today, again, the mind searches for a word:

A word

Imbibed with wine or filled with venom,

Replete with love, or fraught with dread.

A word of affection:

Like a joyful glance –

One which carries the caress of soft, warm lips.

Brilliant – like a surge of the molten gold.

The very spring of excitement in the lovers’ embrace.

A word of aversion:

Like a wrathful sword –

One which forever devastates the oppressors’ strongholds.

Dark – like the night in a haunted graveyard.

The very utterance of it should burn my lips black.

(Translated by Sain Sucha)


By Shumaila Javed

In the room full of dark

Me with my scars

The pain that sometime kills me

And sometime I find ecstasy

Me with my loneliness

Lead to the land

Where the chirping birds

The calming sea

The soft breeze

That touches my soul and

Takes all my scars away

The thundering clouds

That showers the rain

And wash all the pain

I forget my reality

And dancing like insane

Makes me happy in my wonderland


By Hijab-un-Nisa Niaz

Just like chameleons, people change

The extent of their hypocrisy has a wide range

They want freedom of everything

Be it choice, speech, religion, opinion or anything

But, they are lying about it

To us and everyone else and we are totally buying it

Look around you, guys

See for yourself that there is no choice

We accept the ones who have no beliefs

But loathe the ones who have a single belief

We believe in not judging a book by its cover

But believe every single line of a newspaper cover

We believe in being open to opinions

But fire up at once if they differ from ours

We are against oppression

But oppress others to give up what they believe in without a valid reason

Forcing people to show skin

And change what they believe in

Is hypocrisy and contradiction at its peak

And just shows that the concept of freedom is one-sided and weak

Live and let live, you are liberal, aren’t you?

You know the answer and I think I know it, too.

Compiled by SK