Celebrity murder

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Fri, 03, 23

He was living under The Rock all this time and had no idea what was going on....


Celebrity murder

Dwayne Johnson was murdered in a hotel room he was staying at. Police were called as soon as the body was discovered, and they did some investigating.

An officer knocked on the door of someone living one floor down. He asked the man who answered if he heard anything unusual above him, but he didn’t know what the officer was talking about.

He was living under The Rock all this time and had no idea what was going on.


Celebrity murder

Why did the cats ask for a drum set?

They wanted to make some mewsic!

What’s a cat’s favorite TV show?

Claw and Order.

What’s a cat’s favorite cereal?

Mice Krispies.

What color do kittens love the most?


What does the cat say after making a joke?

‘Just kitten!’

What’s it called when all the cat treats are gone?

Celebrity murder

A cat-astrophe.

On the first day of school, the college dean addressed the freshman class to explain some of the campus rules.

‘The women’s dormitory is off-limits to male students and the men’s dormitory is off-limits to female students,’ he intoned. ‘Anybody caught breaking this rule will be fined $20 the first time, $60 the second time and $180 the third time. Does anyone have any questions?’

A male student raised his hand. ‘How much for a season pass?

Celebrity murder

What do you call a person who graduated at the bottom of their class in medical school?


What do you call doctors who graduated online?

Google Docs

What do you call a medical school student who graduates with the lowest grade point average in his class?

A doctor

Celebrity murder