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Mekaal Hasan Band to play live show in Lahore

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Wed, 01, 20

They have won a number of Lux Style Awards; they have the reputation for playing iconic live shows and they have beautiful albums like Andholan, Saptak and Sampooran to their credit with the fourth one in the making.

When the Mekaal Hasan Band, colloquially known as MHB, takes the stage, anyone with an ear for music, irrespective of having heard them before or not will pay attention. At the Pepsi gig in Karachi, when Mekaal Hasan Band took the stage, not only fans but band members from acts like Taamasha were sitting in front row, watching them play.

And as the season of music in 2020 has begun with consecutive releases and events, MHB isn’t behind. Having held the Koblumpi Music Festival in Lahore last month that featured 16 artists including Poor Rich Boy, Abdullah Siddiqui, Ali Noor, Bayaan, Keeray Makoray and several others, MHB is now set to take the stage this weekend, on January 17 in Lahore. It will feature, among others, Asad Abbas on vocals, who will be playing with MHB after a decade. The show will also feature Rabab Amir and Mohammad Aizaz. The venue is The Colony and the gig is scheduled to begin at 6:30 pm with passes available at the venue only.