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#MeToo: Ayesha Omar opens up about being harassed

Wed, 01, 20

Actress and host Ayesha Omar, who is currently appearing in the second season of hit comedy show Bulbulay, in a recent talk show spoke up about the #MeToo movement and also opened up about being a victim of sexual harassment.

Ayesha Omar revealed that she has been harassed in her career and life. “I have been through harassment and I understand how it feels. I don’t have the courage to talk about it yet, maybe someday I will, but I can totally relate to everybody who has been through it,” she said adding that there is no time to speak about it; people can come out whenever they feel comfortable to do so.”

The actress, who has recently resumed shooting for her forthcoming film Rehbara after a 2-year hiatus, went on to say how significant the #MeToo movement is. “It is extremely important,” shared Ayesha during the show. “If anyone goes through any kind of harassment or abuse in their lives, it is so tough to talk about it,” she stressed, adding that so many women and men in the entertainment industry have gone through it and it is great to see people opening up about their experiences.

While the actress agreed that harassment can happen anywhere, in any profession, she explained that when celebrities speak about harassment at the workplace, they tend to get noticed as compared to people from other fields. “It is just commendable when anybody in any phase of life musters up the courage to talk about it. I think that it is a very brave movement and I am sure it is being exploited as well but that doesn’t make it bad in any way.”