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Fahad Mustafa slams TikTok and Twitter hits back

Tue, 12, 19

Twitter users are not happy with Fahad’s statement and are rather calling him out

In the wake of a recent incident, during which a Sialkot based 16-year-old was killed while he was filming a TikTok video with his friends, actor-host Fahad Mustafa called out the video sharing app. “To all the parents out there please keep your kids away from this TikTok bullsh*t; it’s not healthy. Entire nation is busy doing nothing. #DoSomethingProductive,” he tweeted post the incident.

Coming from a game show host, who has been under scrutiny multiple times for the insubstantial content on his show, Twitter users are not happy with Fahad’s statement and are rather calling him out.

“Says Fahad Mustafa who teaches nano structural mechanics and engineering live,” read a tweet in response to his post while another tweet noted, “To all the kids out there please keep your parents away from this Jeeto Pakistan bullsh*it it’s not healthy, it’s revolting! Middle age men and women begging for bikes, gold and [U]mra tickets, etc.”

Technology has its advantages and disadvantages, and there will always be those who dislike what one does or says. Fahad must have condemned the use of TikTok to bring parents’ attention to how cruel its repercussions can be if they aren’t aware of their children’s involvement in it. However, he went a little overboard, not realizing how big TikTok has become; as unproductive as it may seem to him, the app is generating a lot of money at present. Any technology used without some precaution in this day and age can be troublesome, even Twitter.