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Imran Ashraf & Neelum Muneer take up new roles in this romance

Instep Today
By Aamna Haider Isani
Thu, 09, 19

Abdullah Kadwani, CEO 7th Sky Entertainment, gives us insight into the upcoming drama serial.

Imran Ashraf & Neelum Muneer take up new roles in this new drama series

The number one reason for drawing us to any new drama serial on television is its cast. Whether or not a new drama serial features our favourite heroes and heroines is the first point of determining whether we’ll be checking it out or not. And while the cast isn’t always enough to keep fans hooked if the overall content of the drama serial fails to engage, it is enough to guarantee initial curiosity and interest.

Drama serial Alif, for example, has held peoples’ interest ever since its mention came up months ago, mainly because of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly, who fans are desperate to watch together; Ehd e Wafa may be offering a very unique and different storyline with its Alpha Bravo Charlie vibe but it is primarily Ahad Raza Mir that is its focal ‘lure’ factor. The same applies to Daasi, which is piquing our interest because of Mawra Hocane and the very talented Adeel Husain’s return to television. Whether or not these upcoming drama serials are worth our while, time will tell, but they certainly have a head start because of their star power.

Behind the scenes: Imran Ashraf with director Saima Waseem and co-actor Saba Hamid on the sets of Kahin Deep Jaley (working title).

Imran Ashraf is a name that has risen to the A-list of actors that ace and own their characters and they breathe life into any storyline they step into. This is precisely why a certain teaser – featuring Imran Ashraf and Neelum Muneer – had Imran Ashraf fans hooked and eager for more information as soon as the two leads posted it on their social media pages a few days ago.

“Apni sakat say ziada mahnat karnay ki koshish ki hai is dramay mein,” Imran Ashraf wrote on his Instagram. “Mujhay dil say pasand Hai yeah drama. Agay jo Allah ki marzi.”

(I have tried to work harder than my capacity for this drama; it’s very close to my heart. It is now in Allah’s hands)

“Jald a raha Hai, Geo par,” he concluded.

(Coming soon, on GEO)

Neelum also posted the same teaser on her page, and got over 50,000 flattering comments on it, revealing the popular actress’ star power.

We got in touch with Abdullah Kadwani at 7th Sky Entertainment to find out what the upcoming drama serial – whose name and date we did not initially know – was all about. While the producer was careful not to give away too much information regarding the story, he did share some significant details.

“This is our signature play for the next season,” Mr Kadwani shared about the untitled play, currently being referred to as Kahin Deep Jaley (working title), “and it has got a great cast. Imran Ashraf will be appearing as a romantic hero for the first time and Neelum Muneer, who did exceedingly well in a negative role as Ulfat in Dil Mom Ka Diya, will be returning to screens as Rida, a starry eyed, pampered young girl getting married to Zeeshan (Imran Ashraf), in what seems like an ideal arrangement.” Needless to say, their lives will not be as perfect or idyllic as they appear to be.

While Rida is promising to honour her family (when speaking to her mother, played by Saba Faisal), we can read between the lines and anticipate trouble in paradise. We can expect Zeeshan to also not be as simple, straightforward or sweet as he appears to be in the teaser.

We’re interested to see where the story takes these two characters and whether it will offer anything over and above the typical love story gone sour, which we have seen on television before. Because as we know and have experienced in so many TV dramas with a top cast, we may start watching a new drama serial because of the stars but will continue watching only if the story is worth it.

– This drama serial will air on GEO Entertainment in the first week of October, every Thursday, replacing Mera Rab Waris.