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Naach Na Jaanay to premiere in Islamabad on July 24

Instep Today
By Buraq Shabbir
Thu, 07, 19

Anwar Maqsood and Dawar Mehmood’s latest theatre production, Naach Na Jaanay, a prequel to Aangan Terha, according to the playwright, generated immense appreciation during its extended Karachi run earlier this year.

According to recent updates, the play is heading to Islamabad, with the first show scheduled for July 24 while the play will run till August 11.

“It’s my city; I started theatre in the same city. I’m very excited,” Yasir, who is presently in Islamabad for the play, told Instep. He reprises the role of Akbar from Aangan Terha in Naach Na Jaanay and is a treat to watch on stage.

Naach Na Jaanay is set in the eighties and follows the life of Akbar, a former classical dancer who is employed at Mehboob and Jahan Ara’s after dance academies are shut down. He keeps reminding them of both his unpaid salary (worth Rs 30,615) and his passion, which is of an artist.

Aside from Yasir, there will be a few changes in the lineup of artists featured in the play, as compared to the Karachi run. The ensemble cast also includes Usman Mukhtar, who is winning hearts with his performance in ongoing TV play Anaa. He will be playing the role of Prime Minister Imran Khan that was essayed by Dawar Mehmood during the Karachi run.

Let’s wait and see how audiences in Islamabad receive the play before it opens in Lahore later this year.