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Suits: Patrick J. Adams to return for final season

By Nellie Andreeva
Wed, 06, 19

Creator Aaron Korsh provides details & what about Meghan Markle?

Original Suits star Patrick J. Adams will return for the series’ upcoming 10-episode final season. He will reprise his character of Mike Ross in Episode 5 of the USA Network series as he gets involved in a case that puts him toe to toe with Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl). While that is Adams’ only confirmed involvement so far, I hear he also is expected to make an appearance in Suits finale [season].

“I couldn’t be happier to be part of the final chapter of Suits. I’ve missed my TV family, and am looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble Mike Ross can stir up at the firm one last time,” Adams told Deadline before adding, “But if the wardrobe department thinks they’re getting back the suits I stole when I left, they’re going to be very disappointed.”

Back when Suits was renewed for a ninth and final season, series creator, executive producer and showrunner Aaron Korsh told Deadline that “you can’t contemplate it without contemplating bringing Mike back.”

Now that Adams’ return had been finalized, Korsh talks with Deadline about how it came together, provides more details about Mike’s storyline and addresses the questions on many Suits fans’ minds: Did Mike and Rachel have a baby, mirroring both actors’ real-life experiences as new parents, and whether there is any chance for Meghan Markle, now a British royal, to come back for the final season.

“There was never a question in my mind that I wanted him back for this season,” Korsh said of Adams. “He is the foundation of the show; it was built on him, others also but the very foundation we built on Patrick and Mike, and we all wanted to have him back. It was about how to integrate him organically and in a satisfying way. Then I had to make sure that he had the time to do it and could do it, he a new father also. After we came up with what it was going to be, I called him. I went to his house, he showed me his olive trees, which were awesome. We went out to dinner, and we talked about it. I said what we had in mind, he was very excited. And then we did it.”

Season 9 of Suits will follow Harvey (Macht) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) balance their relationship with work as they fight to salvage the firm’s tarnished reputation alongside their partners, Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), Alex Williams (Dule Hill), Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull), and Samantha.

It won’t just be a battle, and there will be a balance, Korsh notes. When Mike comes back, will Rachel be referenced? “Since they both left, if you take a look throughout season 8 and 9, people refer to both Mike and Rachel, even before he comes back. When he comes back, I do believe there is a little update on Rachel.”

Would that update include Rachel and Mike having a baby?

“As of this moment no, we have not determined that they’ve had a baby, but you never know,” Korsh said.

“He (Adams) leaves and we are not sure if he is going to be back or not after he leaves,” Korsh said. “He may or may not be back again. If you know the history of my answers to that question, I’m leading you down a certain answer.”

– Courtesy: Deadline