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Writer Asma Nabeel on tackling child trafficking in Damsaa

Instep Today
Thu, 05, 19

Writer-producer Asma Nabeel, who is nominated as Best Writer for Khaani at the upcoming Lux Style Awards 2019, is known for her socially relevant scripts. From Khuda Mera Bhi Hai to Khaani that picked up great reviews to more recent ones, Surkh Chandni and Damsaa, that are yet to go on-air, Asma has highlighted important issues through her work.

While Surkh Chandni that features Sohai Ali Abro and Osman Khalid Butt in key roles follows the story of an acid attack “warrior,” according to Asma, Damsaa tackles the subject of child trafficking.

“It’s a very sensitive issue; child trafficking prevails strongly in our society and someone needs to talk about it,” she posted on her social media as the shoot came to an end. “Someone needs to bring attention to this menace as so many families are suffering the loss of their children. The pain is unexplainable because you know that your child is alive but you don’t know where and what is your child up to. The pain that your child bears everyday pinches you as parents every second. And this pain is awful because the pain of helplessness is the most torturous one, especially when it is about your child.”

Directed by Najaf Bilgrami and produced under the banner of Showcase Films, Damsaa features Nadia Jamil, Shahood Alavi, Momal Sheikh, Talat Hussain, Gul e Rana, Saleem Mairaj and many others. The shoot recently wrapped up while the play is expected to go on-air in the coming months.

“Damsaa is a truly emotional journey, from writing till the floors; the shoot has packed up but another journey is about to start. Can’t wait to see it on the screens,” Asma added, thanking the entire cast and crew of the play for bringing it to life.