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Maya Ali, Hamza Ali Abbasi and other artists promote Motorcycle Girl

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Thu, 04, 18

With just a day left for the release of Sohai Ali Abro-starrer Motorcycle Girl, multiple celebrities have come out to promote the film. Maya Ali, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Azfar Rehman, Sadaf Kanwal, Saba Qamar and Amna Ilyas are just some of the artists to take to social media to show their support for the upcoming film. They have shared a picture of themselves on a motorbike, accompanied with captions carrying best wishes for Sohai and the team of Motorcycle Girl with the hope that the film will help in breaking stereotypes.

The first actor to initiate this was Hamza Ali Abbasi who stated, “After Cake, another film Pakistan can be proud of. It’s based on the life of Zenith Irfan, a worthy inspiration for many Pakistani girls. My total support to this film and let’s all make it a hit so we can look forward to such inspirational stories from Pakistani film industry,” while Maya Ali captioned her picture with the words: “This one is for you, our motorcycle girl Sohai Ali Abro. I am sure this film is going to break stereotypes and will set some new norms, all the very very best to you and your team. Aik ride to banti hai.”

Saba Qamar is the most recent addition to the list of supporters for the film. She shared, “Hey motorcycle girl, good luck! I’m sure it’s gonna be a super duper hit.”

Directed by Adnan Sarwar and co-produced by Jami Mehmood, Motorcycle Girl also features Ali Kazmi, Sarmad Khoosat and Samina Peerzada in important roles. The film comes out tomorrow while the premiere is scheduled to take place in Karachi tonight.