Monday November 28, 2022

Netflix unveils release date of upcoming K-drama version of 'Little Women'

Netflix has dropped the intriguing trailer of the K-drama version of 'Little Women'

By Web Desk
August 29, 2022

Netflix released the trailer for Little Women on August 29, 2022, and the series will be available to stream on September 3, 2022, every Saturday and Sunday.

The series is a loose adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women and will stream on Netflix in selected countries as it airs on the South Korean cable network tvN.


The story follows three sisters, the elder sister is looking for financial security, the middle one is pursuing a career in news reporting while the youngest one is determined to pursue a career in art, and money gets in the way of all their goals.

All three of them are stricken by poverty until they get tangled up in a conspiracy against a rich family.


  • Kim Go-eun
  • Nam Ji-hyun
  • Park Ji-hu
  • Wi Ha-joon
  • The Production team:
  • Director: Kim Hee-won
  • Writers: Jung Seo Kyung
  • Producer: Studio Dragon