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Afghanistan will compete to be on par with others: Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen says it is Taliban's "priority to serve people and resolve their economic problems"

By Web Desk
November 15, 2021
Suhail Shaheen. Photo: AFP
Suhail Shaheen. Photo: AFP

Public service and finding solutions to people's economic issues is what the Taliban government prioritises after the "restoration of independence and establishment of Islamic government," Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said Monday.

Shaheen Tweeted that the Taliban-led Afghanistan will strive to "become on par with" other countries in the field of security, economy, education and development.

"After [the] restoration of independence and establishment of Islamic government, our priority is to serve people and resolve their economic problems. This country will compete to [be] on par with others in the field of security, economy, education and development, Insha Allah," Shaheen wrote.

Afghanistan, which was already struggling with the after-effects of the 20-year-long war, was hit by a severe crisis when the Taliban toppled the US-backed former Afghan government in a lightning strike in August. 

The ousting of the former government lead to the donors holding back billions of dollars in assistance for the freefalling economy that depended on aid.

In a meeting of the Troika Plus, hosted by Pakistan last week, the Taliban government in Afghanistan was given a clear message to uphold its international legal obligations, including universally accepted principles of international law and fundamental human rights.

As foreign capitals had complained of distributing humanitarian aid, the Troika called on the Taliban to ensure unhindered humanitarian access, including by women aid workers, for the delivery of humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan to respond to the developing crisis.

The Taliban were also asked to work with fellow Afghans to take steps to form an inclusive and representative government that respects the rights of all Afghans and provides for equal rights of women and girls to participate in all aspects of Afghan society.

In this regard, it was emphasised that access to education for women and girls at all levels is an international obligation and the Taliban were encouraged to accelerate efforts to provide for full and equal access to education countrywide.