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Leo Twins share stage with Indian Idol finalists at Wembley

The show goes on for over 3 hours as artists sang songs which made them famous at nationwide competition

By Murtaza Ali Shah
November 04, 2021
Photo provided by the reporter
Photo provided by the reporter

The famed young Pakistani twin artists, Haroon and Sharoon, joined Pawandeep Rajan, Arunita Kanjilal, Mohammad Danish, and Sayli Kamble, at the Wembley SSE for a powerful performance,   who are currently touring the UK as part of their Magnificent Four UK tour.

The show continued for over three hours as the artists sang songs which made them famous at the nationwide competition.

The best was left to the last as the Rock on Music asked Leo Twins to close the show through their solo performance and then a joint performance of all the artists for a fusion set.

The Magnificent Four sang popular Urdu and Hindi numbers with a live band for around 8,000 Indian and Pakistani audiences at the North London venue while the Leo Twins put up a strong performance with their guitar, violin, and other percussion instruments.

The twin artists from Rawalpindi started with their own version of Ertugrul’s famous soundtrack. The opening performance lasted for about 8 minutes - setting the tone for the full-on-energy performance.

The four Indian artists, who have been lauded as the superstars of tomorrow by big names of the Bollywood industry, then joined the Pakistani artists.

Leo Twins provided rhythm with the guitar and enthralled the audience with some quality violin music while the four artists sang live, giving a new edge and sound to the show.

The audience danced non-stop for half an hour as the acclaimed musical duo performed with the young artists for a powerful and melodious finale. They ended the concert with Dama Dam Mast Kalandhar Ali Da Pehla Number and Jai Ho.

Before starting the UK tour of shows in London, Leicester and Birmingham, the artists said at a press conference that they were thankful to the great legends such as Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Aisha Bhonsley, Muhammad Rafi and others whose music they grew up with and learnt signing by rehearsing it.

Hassan Zuberi, who is managing the Leo Twins internationally, said: “I am very thankful to Rock On Music and Mr Vijay Bhola who gave such a big opportunity to the Leo Twins, saw and liked the Leo Twins’ talent, music, passion and their instrumental style.

"It is the first time they gave a solo performance on a stage that every singer dreams to perform on, at Wembley Arena.”

He said that the Leo Twins will soon be performing at the O2 Indigo.