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'Should we burn the house down,' Australian mother asks after finding spiders crowding roof

Claudia Domrose of Australia also asks her daughter: 'Are you moving out now?'

By Web Desk
January 29, 2021
Twitter/@PrinPeta/Screenshots via The News

A unique incident took place at a woman's house in Australia's capital, Sydney, where her daughter pointed out what she termed was a "bunch of spiders".

While humans usually get confused when they see an infestation of insects in the house, with some running away screeching at the horror and others deeming the little bugs as adorable or cute, Claudia Domrose seemed to enjoy the moment.

Domrose, who "love(s) being Aussie", according to her Twitter profile, shot the video of the huntsman spiders crowding in the corners of her daughter's bedroom.

Watch the horror yourself here!

Famous for their speed and mode of hunting, the huntsman spiders — also called giant crab spiders — usually have an inch-long body with legs of 3-5 inches and eat small insects.

"When you go in your daughter's room, she says, 'Mommy, there's a bunch of spiders up there'," Domrose can be heard saying in the video. "Oh that's not too bad, there’s maybe 50, 60 [of them].

"But then she [daughter] says ‘look at the other corner. There’s more.' And they're alive," she adds, before letting out a squeal of excitement. "Eeeeeee they're hunstman, they're so cute!"

The mother teases her daughter, joking: "Are you moving out now? Should we burn the house down?" Then adds: "We’re never ever going to have mozzies [mosquitoes] again.”

The video immediately went viral on social media, drawing mixed reactions from Internet users, some of whom called it a nightmare. It has been viewed more than 72,300 times on Twitter and hundreds of people have retweeted it.

Speaking to Storyful, Domrose said she did not harm any of the spiders. "They’re just going to walk away … let nature be," she said to 9 News.