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Royal experts believe Harry, Meghan’s move to LA was a big ‘mistake’

Experts on the royal family claim Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a mistake trying to move to LA

By Web Desk
July 28, 2020
Royal experts believe Harry, Meghan’s move to L.A is a complete ‘mistake’

A former editor at Vanity Fair claimed that the couple’s LA move was a “terrible mistake” because Prince Harry reportedly does not fit into an environment such as that.

Journalist Graydon Carter also shared his views on their decision during an interview with the Telegraph. He was quoted saying, "Los Angeles is not a place for people who don't have a part in the professional firmament."

"Meghan was on a middling TV show that a lot of people didn't see, and as for Harry: being a soldier and liking football are just not saleable talents out there. You can get it right if you stay on message in LA.”

He also pointed out how the couple should not be ‘lecturing’ others over the current state of the planet since they are "flying in private planes, living in a 14-bedroom Beverly Hills mansion and living off the state."

During the course of his interview he also touched upon the thoughts of the British public and how they have taken Harry’s departure. Graydon explained, "British people are clearly just saddened that this star, in their eyes - and I mean Harry, not Meghan - has left the country and gone his own way. It doesn't make sense to a lot of them."

Before concluding, he also compared both the royal brothers and how they behave with their wives, through his findings, Graydon came to believe that Prince William and Kate’s relationship is the only one that has “things almost to perfection."