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Harry, Meghan asked not to ‘call their own shots’ and compete with the British crown

Harry and Meghan had ‘proved a big disappointment’ to the crown when they began competing against them

By Web Desk
July 27, 2020
Harry, Meghan asked not to ‘call their own shots’ and compete with the British crown

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have consistently showcased that they are somehow above their responsibility to the British crown and it has been proved time and time again, ever since the couple began competing against the Queen rather than working alongside her for the sake of the country.

One royal historian Hugo Vickers wrote about Meghan and Harry’s new biography Finding Freedom in the Daily Mail and claimed that he believes the couple feels their marriage brought the UK to "new heights around the world.”

However, he believes the "newly married couple were (sic) more concerned about promoting their own agendas than the interests of the Monarchy itself."

Even though the couple probably felt ‘reigned in’ by senior members of the family, Vickers believes that their most recent actions also go onto “show how little Harry and Meghan have understood about the institution to which they were once bound.''

Many royal experts believe "Harry and Meghan liked being in control of their narrative” and aimed to one day "call their own shots." As a result of that thinking they agreed “to fold their household into Buckingham Palace, instead of creating their own independent court, had proved a big disappointment to them."

Royal courtiers have no intention to attack the institution or undermine the Queen in anyway. "Such officials certainly do have a role in coordinating the activities of the Royal Family – that is perfectly reasonable. Private secretaries are among the most active people in helping decide what individual Royals do, both in the interests of the family and of the country. They are there to help, not obstruct.”

The Queen is one of the few who understands their intentions and thus is good at taking advice whenever it is needed. However, Princess Diana was one of the very first royal members to actively complain about her secretaries and courtiers, claiming that “they failed to provide the advice she needed.” Even though “they did, she just didn’t often listen.”

Before concluding Hugo claimed, “Diana was constantly competing with the Queen, determined to do things her own, independent way, and I fear it has rubbed off on her son and on the daughter-in-law she never got to meet.”