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Two Indian stars may be prosecuted or fined for breaking UK's coronavirus quarantine rules

Sonam Kapoor shared a picture of herself while working out in central London while Mouni Roy posted a picture sipping coffee in public

By Murtaza Ali Shah
July 19, 2020
Both Indian actresses can be reported — and arrested — by the police for breaking the strict laws. — The News/via Author

LONDON: Indian actresses Sonam Kapoor and Mouni Roy have broken a strict 14-day quarantine law imposed by the UK and could be prosecuted or fined £1,000 for putting other people's lives in danger and setting a bad example by violating the rules.

Sonam Kapoor took to social media and shared her picture working out in central London while Mouni Roy posted a picture having coffee at a cafe in full public view in the British capital.

Both actresses can be reported — and arrested — by the police for breaking the strict laws.

Almost all European Union countries, as well as Australia, Turkey, and several others, are currently exempted from the UK's quarantine rules but countries such as the US, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are in the list of quarantine nations.

After spending the entirety of the coronavirus lockdown in India, Sonam Kapoor and her entrepreneur husband, Anand Ahuja, arrived in London less than a week ago, with the actress instantly taking to Instagram to share videos of her arrival.

“London I’m back,” the actor wrote, over a video that showed River Thames from above. “So beautiful,” she added. The actress followed it up with several more videos of herself, including her latest pictures of exercising outdoors.

Bollywood star Mouni Roy — who spent the entirety of the coronavirus lockdown in the United Arab Emirates where she was staying at a friend's residence for four months — reached London four days ago and has not looked back since.

She has told Indian media that she’s in London for a film shooting but, according to the rules, she should have stayed inside for 14 days. On Sunday, she shared photos of herself exercising in a London park.

On the other hand, Pakistani cricket star Waseem Akram arrived in Manchester for work last week but has been in quarantine at his hotel and has not left the building even for a second.

According to the UK government, if a person plans to travel to Britain, they should be prepared to go through a 14-day quarantine period, which has been made mandatory since June 8. If any overseas visitor did not comply, they would have to face a hefty fine of £1,000 or prosecution.

The rule has already been imposed since June 8 and it applies not only to the international visitors but also to British nationals returning home from other countries.

People visiting the UK are under obligation to provide the border control team with all basic information such as their contact details and local address in Britain where they would be in a 14-day self-isolation.

According to the British government, "self-isolating will reduce the chance of a second wave of coronavirus in the UK".

Any individual who is in self-isolation should not have visitors; the only people they may contact would be those with whom they travel or are staying. They cannot go to work or school either, whereas public places are strictly prohibited as well.

Those observing the mandatory quarantine period should avoid going grocery shopping if possible and exercise within the confinement of their homes.

They may only leave their quarantine location if there’s an urgent medical need or they have to purchase basic necessities, such as food and medicines, to attend a funeral of someone close, or in case of an emergency.