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Duchess Camilla turned into the most ‘relatable’ member of royal family after COVID-19

After COVID-19 hit Britain, Duchess Camilla went from the most ‘hated’ person to the most ‘relatable’ royal

By Web Desk
July 10, 2020
Duchess Camilla turned into the most ‘relatable’ member of royal family after COVID-19

Soon after COVID-19 hit, Duchess Camilla rebranded her image as a royal member of the British crown and transformed herself into more of an ‘accessible’ and ‘relatable’ person.

According to a report made by Vanity Fair, royal expert Katie Nicholl believes this transformation has truly changed the way the public views the Duchess.

She pointed out how the Duchess has become “one of the most high-profiled senior royals during the pandemic” and made herself even more ‘accessible’ to the general public despite being quarantined.

Nicholl claims, “Dressed down in her favorite jeans and comfy flat pumps, in her appearances from quarantine, the duchess has come across as accessible and relatable.

“From her down-to-earth video messages to her efforts to shine the spotlight on causes close to her heart to leading the national tributes on V-E Day, Camilla has been center stage and she never looked happier.”

A source who works closely with the Duchess also stated, “We have seen her in a much more informal setting and that has given people a chance to get to know her a little better.

“Both she and the prince have shown themselves to be very comfortable operating this way -- they have allowed the public into their home in a way that has never happened before.”

The royal aid added, “The prince and duchess were in lockdown like everyone else and couldn’t be seen in person, so they wanted to find another way to connect with people. They hadn’t done many social media messages before, but they quickly realized this was the way forward and a means of being visible and immediately connecting with people, which is what they always wanted to do.”