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Body language expert says Prince Harry looked 'awkward' in latest video

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spoke via video call at an event recently

By Web Desk
July 08, 2020

A body language expert has claimed that Prince Harry looked "awkward" in his   video  speech at the   Queen's Commonwealth Trust.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently discussed racism and equal rights with young leaders from the Queen's Commonwealth Trust. The royal couple took part in the event via a video call.

While people are praising the couple for their speeches,  body language expert Judi James claimed that Prince Harry looked "awkward" through the video.

According to a report in OK! Onlie, body language expert Judi said "“Caught in the side of the screen next to a wife, who speaks calmly, eloquently and passionately about a subject she is clearly able to talk about using empathy and her ability to inspire her audience, Harry’s body language looks awkward and reflective here.”

The expert further said that the Prince looked distracted as Meghan spoke to the audience.

Meanwhile, supporters of Queen Elizabeth are criticizing Prince Harry for his remarks wherein he asked Britain to acknowledge the colonial history.

They are of the view that Harry disrespected the British monarch.