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'We're sorry!': Chinese retailer apologetic for erroneously selling prayer mats as decorative rugs

Chinese brand apologises for the 'highly insensitive oversight', saying product immediately removed from website

By Web Desk
July 07, 2020
The brand has apologised for the oversight and informed its customers that the product was immediately removed from its websites. Twitter/@amskeez47/via The News

After uproar on social media, an online Chinese retailer has apologised for selling Muslim prayer mats as decorative rugs and expressed hope for forgiveness for religious insensitivity.

"We offer our sincerest apology to all those whom we have hurt and offended, and hope we can earn your forgiveness," Shein, the brand, said on Instagram.

It apologised for the "highly insensitive oversight" and informed its customers that the product was immediately removed from its website and that other vendors were also directed to stop selling the products to others.

"We have also formed a product review committee with staff from different cultures and religions so a mistake like doesn't happen again," read the post.

In addition, the company has also vowed to do a much better job in educating itself on different cultures, religions and traditions to ensure the diverse community of its is respected and honoured.

Last week, the Chinese brand came under cross hairs after social media users criticised the clothing label for showing ignorance towards religious sentiments of people.

The users, expressing disapproval, said that the brand's actions "unacceptable" and "highly offensive". They were disgusted that the makers were racking up profits by selling holy prayer mats as "floral trim carpets" despite having a picture of the Holy Kabah and mosques on them.