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Kate Middleton’s reasons for snapping her kids pictures leave royal fans shocked

After Kate Middleton’s true intentions behind snapping her children’s picture gets exposed, fans are left shocked

By Web Desk
July 05, 2020
Kate Middleton’s reasons for snapping her kids pictures leave royal fans shocked

Kate Middleton’s real reasoning behind pumping out consistent pictures of her children has recently been revealed by royal experts.

Through her consistent efforts, the Duchess reportedly, aims to kill off the paparazzi culture by providing clear images of her kids on special occasions.

Albeit royal experts laud Kate for taking such measures to protect her children, they argue it is not fare for her to be carrying such a burden on her shoulders on a consistent basis.

According to a report by Express.UK, Ms Bowie was quoted saying, "Apparently one of the reasons Kate snaps and releases photos of the kids is to put a dent in or kill off the market for paparazzi pics. This is something I actually didn't realise but it does make a lot of sense.”

"This is Kate's royal strategy, it has happened with other royals too. Because why would any newspaper or magazine want to run grainy long-lens images of the royals in private when they themselves are willing to serve up crystal clear Instagram style shots."

The expert added, "It bubbles up thoughts about Princess Diana and her birthday which you can't really talk about without talking about her death.”

"It is just gross that Kate even has to think like this” and completely “weird that this is such a strategy behind the reason we get these images ahead of these occasions or perfectly timed, all to prevent something from happening."

Commenting upon the invasive nature of the paparazzi, royal commentator, Ms Fiorito claims it to be "sickening that it has come to this but it is also a blessing that they can do this.”

"I think about how invasive that would feel, to be in your back garden playing with your kids and you see a lens poking through the bushes.

She stated, "I just think it is so creepy, I love that we get these insider looks though. But at the same time, you have to think about what is the other side of the coin. This is something the Royal Family has had to deal with for so long."