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Hindu extremists force Indian Muslim to renounce Islam, shave off his beard

By Web Desk
April 26, 2018

A group of extremist Hindus forced a Muslim man to renounce his religion and convert to Hinduism after subjecting him to severe torture in Uttar Pradesh.

In a video circulating on social media and also shared on Twitter by CJ Werlman, a journalist, author and political commentator, the unnamed man is shown being abused and thrashed for abandoning Hindusim and converting to Islam.

The mob also shaved off his beard before converting him to Hinduism. It  was not  clear when the incident took place.

In a string of tweets, the journalist said an unthinkable fate awaits 200 million Muslims of India once the India's secular democracy devolves into a Hindu version of Nazism: Hindutva.

He lamented that the international community at large is oblivious to the developments in India.

"Over the past four years, news reports of arrests for insulting Modi have appeared with alarming regularity. 

The arrested include teachers, students, businessmen, auto-rickshaw drivers, and members of the police and paramilitary forces," he said.