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Many US Congress members much interested in improving ties with Pakistan: Congresswoman

By Akhtar Khanzada
January 07, 2018

DALLAS: Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, who is the senior most Congress person from Texas has said that “Many of us in the congress, are as concern as the people outside the congress on the damage we’re doing to relationships around the world.”

She was talking with this The News and Jang correspondent at the Pakistani American business form event in Dallas

Eddie Bernice Johnson said “Many members of the congress are very much interested in improving relationship with Pakistan.”

Continuing the conversation, she said “I think most of the people really want a more positive relationship. We realize the talent with Pakistanis Americans who are really leaders. Despite them coming from a different culture they have strengthen our economy and our society. So, there is a real reason for Pakistan and US to come together and work closer together, I think we’ll get there but we are pretty tied up right now with some of the domestic issues that we’re trying to get through.”

She said “When we look at the makeup of the Congress we are probably the least experienced Congress that we had in many years.” Since the election of 2010 very disruptive negative personalities have been elected.

So, we’re hoping that we can improve the dialogue so that we can improve the relationships. The faulty notion of America first, which ignores the historic efforts of this country to be open, to be of help, and to be American to the rest of the world, and to try to work to bring about peace in the rest of the world, said Eddie.