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Chinese industrial association mulls sister economic zone in Sindh

By Fazil Jamili & Wasif Shakil
February 17, 2017

KARACHI: A 20-member delegation of Chinese companies on a visit to Pakistan looked into the opportunities to develop a sister economic zone in Sindh.

The delegation, comprising companies doing business in disposal power generation, agriculture, steel industry, energy, technology, industrial zones, ship construction and biotech visited Karachi.

Hassan Ali Shareef of Strategic Advisory Partners (SAP), said we are exploring opportunities to develop a sister economic zone in Sindh with the help of International Green Economic Association of China.

The visit held under aegis of China-Pakistan Friendship Association (CPFA) was sponsored by Pakistan’s SAP.

The purpose of the visit was to explore arenas for business collaboration in different areas of mutual benefit especially with the private sector of Pakistan, Shareef said. 'They have very productive meetings with the Board of Investment Sindh as well.'

Commenting on the prospects of joint business ventures, Vice Chairman IGEA, Michael Zhao said our visit is larger part of China-Pakistan Economic Zone (CPEC) as it is focusing more on real estate energy our delegation includes small and medium size companies which are closely linked with construction of big infrastructure projects.

It is becoming more successful as we are understanding the society more and studying the needs of Pakistani organizations, he said.

'Most of the companies are here for the first time so as they are interacting with local companies, they will see how can they help their Pakistani counterparts.'

We are inviting Pakistani friends to come China to invest in ‘One Economic Zone’ and many export oriented Pakistani companies have express interest in it, Zhao added.