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Lionel Messi's annual salary at Inter Miami not too much?

Inter Miami player gets millions of dollars from David Beckham's team but it may not be enough

By Web Desk
May 27, 2024
Lionel Messis Inter Miami salary is now revealed. — Reuters/File
Lionel Messi's Inter Miami salary is now revealed. — Reuters/File

Lionel Messi’s annual salary he receives from Inter Miami has been revealed by the press sources.

Lionel Messi gets $20.45 million annual net salary from Inter Miami, making him the highest paid player in the American League, according to The Guardian

This is ahead of the whole clubs which do not pay this much amount to their full-player rosters.

With $12 million as a basic salary, in addition to various bonuses, the Argentine player joined Inter Miami.

As Messi earned 138 million euros in one season during his last contract with Barcelona in 2017, the Argentine player’s salary at Inter Miami does not appear to be the best in his football career.

Messi’s Barcelona salary had a value that included more salaries and bonuses before he moved to Paris Saint-Germain in 2021.

With a contract extending until the end of 2025, Lionel Messi became part of Inter Miami in July of last year. Moreover, he rejected the idea of ​​​​leaving for the Saudi League, after receiving an astronomical offer from Crescent Moon.