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Red Sea: Saudi Arabia takes first step against light pollution

Neom, Qiddiyah City, Red Sea Project moving forward in Saudi Arabia

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May 20, 2024
Saudi Arabia is building worlds largest Dark Sky Reserve in Red Sea Project. — Red Sea Global
Saudi Arabia is building world's largest Dark Sky Reserve in Red Sea Project. — Red Sea Global

Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Project, which is a high-profile tourism and development step, has gained a prominent milestone by being designated as a "Dark Sky Reserve".

This 28,000 square-kilometre coastal region is known for its stunning sand dunes and crystal-clear waters and is located in the northwestern part of the Kingdom, according to Vogue.

Making it an ideal location for observing the night sky, this area is one of the least light-polluted areas in the country.

The Red Sea is set to become the Middle East’s only certified Dark Sky Reserve because of the efforts by Red Sea Global, as the world’s interest in preserving the dark skies grows.

This Dark Sky Reserve is also going to be the world's largest.

At Saudi Arabian luxury resorts, they are implementing innovative lighting strategies by collaborating with Dark Sky International, including the newly opened Six Senses Southern Dunes and St Regis Red Sea Resort.

The construction of these dark sky reserves is an important step towards promoting eco-friendly tourism in Saudi Arabia. The project will help protect local wildlife and preserve the natural environment by reducing light pollution.