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World's largest sportfishing yacht is owned by THIS Saudi prince

"Special One", world's largest sportfishing yacht costs $70 million

By Web Desk
May 20, 2024
Saudi Prince with great wealth owns $70 million worlds largest sportfishing yacht. — Royal Huisman/File
Saudi Prince with "great" wealth owns $70 million world's largest sportfishing yacht. — Royal Huisman/File

Saudi Arabia’s wealthy Prince Turki bin Muqerin has the world's largest sportfishing yacht known as “Special One” and is worth $70 million.

Special One includes six decks, which are designed remarkably by Dutch studio Vripack. It is so large in mass that it is likely to beat the US Navy's new vessel and is longer than an Olympic-sized swimming pool, according to Luxury Launches.

It comes with a longbow, high bulwarks and a low fishing cockpit aft. The interiors on the other hand, are sheathed in secrecy as is the scene with most royal vessels like these. Moreover, it is really luxurious, making the most of the volume of 499 tonnes.

Additional attributes and services of the world’s largest sportfishing yacht include a saloon, lounge area, and a large galley for 12 guests serviced by 8 crew members.

Jan Timmerman, the Royal Huisman chief executive said: “It is well known that the Royal Huisman team likes nothing better than the opportunity to solve fresh engineering challenges – especially if they come in the shape of a unique project concept.”

Prince Turki bin Muqerin of Saudi Arabia owns worlds largest sportfishing yacht. — Al Saud/File
 Prince Turki bin Muqerin of Saudi Arabia owns world's largest sportfishing yacht. — Al Saud/File

Special One, which is a sea vessel designed for a rich man with a hobby, packs in quite a performance with MTU engines rendering a top speed of 35 knots.

Interestingly, the world’s largest true sportfishing yacht was previously called Royal Huisman motor yacht Project 406.